Monday, December 31, 2012


**Rusty calls**
Me: hello?
Rusty: hey, what are you doin?
Me: uhhhh sittin on the couch with Emily watching Spider-Man...
Rusty: Oh still with Emily? I was just wondering If you wanted to go up to soldier hollow with a bunch of us for scooby's birthday, but that's aright... Haha
Me: haha yeah sorry about that.... I'm still in my pajamas and stuff...
Rusty: oohh haha well, ok! Another time then!
Me: ..... **face-palm**

TMI guys. I need to learn when to just stop talking.

Saturday, December 29, 2012

biggest mia yet.

me and natalie locked ourselves out of smoothie king.

don't judge.

Sunday, December 9, 2012

The Mias' of Sunday School

Alright, first of all: I am too pleased to be added to this here blog. Apparently Emily and I share too many Mia Moments to go unshared.

Second of all: i know, I'm the HUGEST fiend for letting this sit in draft form for WEEKS. wont let it happen again. (hopefully)

Mia #1: (a) So I asked this guy to preference (Does "you owe me your life" ring a bell?) Well, he didn't answer for like a week and a half. Oh, and he's in my Sunday School class. Sunday arrived and guess who didn't show up to class-- the preference hopeful!! (yay for me, right?) but guess who did? oh, his dad. And of course Megan then proceeds to ask all about the Pref. situation and of course his dad is sitting like three seats away and she was talking way too loud. I hoped to escape the situation by laughing and hoping they'd catch the hint but basically it ended up with me practically shoving my hand in Em's mouth to get her to stop speaking of the matter. It was a lovely day in Sunday School.

(b) When he did answer, i had to pop a bunch of balloons and put together the puzzle pieces that were inside. This what it said:

So, that created a semi-mia moment for me. Also, we could not get it together for like AGES and it took all 4 Anderson girls to finally get it done. It's fine.

Mia #2: Another Preference/Sunday School one! whooo! so me and Emily walk in to Sunday School today and my date's like, "So do we have a plan for Saturday?" (yes, indeed the dance is Saturday. and have we planned anything yet? course not.) We just look at each other and are like "Nope!" ... ok, it's currently in process... like in 3... 2... 1... ok, Emily's here. time to plan this thing.

Thursday, December 6, 2012

BYU Dates, BYU Dates, BYU Dates, BYU Dates. Sorry if it's redundant


BYU is full of wonderful surprises, and one of those surprises is that boys just keep bringing girls on the exact same dates over and over again. These consist of mini golf, classic skating, bowling, divine comedy, and bowling, and mini golf.

Let me relate one of these dates that I've been on recently.

So I am in my apartment making pumpkin chocolate chip cookies, when all of a sudden I hear my phone vibrating.

"Hi Megann, umm so are you going to the Ward Christmas party tonight? And what are you doing afterwards?"

"Yes I am, and I don't think I'm doing anything"

"Okay, well do you want to go bowling with some of us later?"

"Sure, that sounds fun."

So, after eating a delightful turkey meal, we head off to the bowling alley with 4 other couples.


I forgot I was "Grammy Megs", and I'm not supposed to lift things or really use my back for a while.

"So umm, I can't really bowl.....," I say. "I can't lift or throw the bowling ball"

"Okay well how about we get one of those racks, and I"ll put it on and you can just push it."

This sounded like a great idea.

So the night goes on, and I would stand up wait for my date to get the bowling ball walk over to the alley, and push the ball down the rack that a 3 yr old uses. Everyone would try to give me tips like.."push a little harder" or "aim the rack a little more to the right"

Just so you know bowling with a rack is way harder than it looks people

I got the lowest score I've ever gotten, looked like a complete dork, and pretty much everyone was looking at me.

But throughout the whole date I smiled and tried not to let people see the complete stupidity I felt inside as I walked back to my seat each time I bowled.

So in the end, now I can say that I've bowled with a rack and survived socially for the most part. At least that's what I think.

The End

library card.

this past saturday i went to the library to get a couple books.
but to specifically get my library card.
so i go up to the front desk and ask for one.
and the lady looks at me, and is all,
"oh, we actually just changed the policy today. let me look at my email."

of course you did.

so now apparently you have to be eighteen to get a library card on your own.....
what a joke.

stay classy america!

Saturday, November 10, 2012


if you guessed that meant "Mom's for lions" you were wrong.

it means Mia for life.

you know your M.F.L when the only day you can't get a ride home is the day when it's a freaking blizzard outside and you have to ride the bus. Not only did you have to ride the bus, but as your walking out to bus you get targeted by a snowball.

it's normal.

p.s. these moments always happen when i look nerdiest. aka i was wearing glasses, holding hp, and had my byu sweatshirt over my head.

some people are just jealous.

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Mia's with Mar.

once upon a not the tv show
me and marley worked all friday night, and were at work the very next morning.
it was just us, and we were seriously acting SO strange.
for example we started singing phantom of the opera- miranda sings version.
we'd like to think it was sleep deprivation, but it probably was just us at our normal state.


we also decided that we were going to preference.
so tonight was the night we asked. well...marley asked.
kind of.

after we had discoverd that her potential hadn't been asked yet i set off to her house where we filled up a bucket of water with little rubber ducks in it. cute right?

we hauled that in the back of the truck along with the little sisters and set off to Carson's house.
as we turned the corner we see that his little brother is just of course outside playing basketball.

so we drive by casually......and then turn around park a block away and set off.
well as we get there the little brother practically spots us as we're making our way up to the door...
and then marley looks up and sees the parents just staring at here...she yells!!
and we haul are little bums..
in the middle of hauling mar's all like "em go ring the door bell!"
and i'm like "NO!"
and marley just kind was like " you have to"
so i pulled on my hood and yelled" you owe me your life!" and i headed back into the danger zone.

then we hauled back into the truck with our hearts beating faster than normal, and our mouths panting like we had just ran a marathon.

are we the biggest mia/fiends/shmee's?


Thursday, November 1, 2012

mia as of late.

mia #1- for my second period class i'm a T.A for foods. Sometimes Ms. Pallas has me go into the sewing room and to do little tasks. so here i am in the sowing room all alone when suddenly i hear someone coming in... well it's this little old lady janitor, and she just starts talking to me about how i probably was wondering who was coming in...blah i finish my tasks and exit that awkward situation...well yesterday i was going to the bathroom and guess who was in there?? yep. her. so i was like this is awkward using the bathroom while she's the only one in here, and the fact that she was cleaning it. So my thinking was if i just washed my hands i wouldn't look like a total noob for just walking in seeing her and walking out. so i go to wash my hands when she yells, "NO! Stop!!" so pretty much she stopped me from this sanitzer she was putting i was about to leave when she was like o you can use it after i wipe it off for ya...okay.
so i washed my hands, and left to the bathroom 50 paces away. i seriously see that lady so much. so awwwwwwwwwwk.

mia#2- this one is like an exact example of what happened in princess diaries... so classy.
so me and jaylee are sitting down eating our lunch when this girl comes up and is like hi emily! and i say hi back...and then she looks at jaylee and is about to say hi and it looks like she's trying to say something...but she just walks off. seriously funniest moment of my life!! lily, and um lily's friend. we were laughing SO hard. especially because i barely even know the girl, and jay played soccer with her. 

mia#3- sometimes you transfer out of calculus, and you have a free period but you can't go home because you're carless. so you just sit outside reading harry potter. it's normal. :)

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Mia Missionary Moment

That awkward moment when I talk to my two girlfriends today that I haven't seen for just less than a month, and they say they are going on missions. They already have their missionary papers in, and are expecting their call Nov 7th.

Wait, I thought I was the one going on a mission.

But the best thing is......I am so happy that they are going on a mission!!! We are literally going to have an army of missionaries. 36,000 people started their mission papers that day of conference I

Guess they weren't ever kidding when they said we were a special group of youth all those years.

Here we come :)

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Pleasant Presentation Right?

Well it took me long enough to figure out how to create a blog post. Anyways, I am the sister to those two followers (Marley and Chandice) who don't know that. Apparently I fit right into this Mia blog because I have many Mia-Moments a day.

Last Friday I had to get to class by eight o' clock because I was giving a presentation on four centers that could be used in kindergarten, and why they were so great....So of course I wake up at 7:25. I hurry and get ready with the light off so I don't wake up my roommate, get to class, and after 15 other presenters I get up and present. It went alright, I only got 15 secs per slide, so sometimes i was talking way too fast, but it was great.

1 hour later I am at work sitting at a desk with a computer doing some important stuff, and I look down at my shirt. It looked a little different, but nothing registered.

and then it did register

my shirt........was inside out.

Don't worry just gave a whole presentation, went to class, and went to work  with my shirt inside out

Got to love the mia moments...and the sad part is, this has happened at least 3 times in my life. The worst was  in sixth grade when it was inside out and backwards. Can still remember the horrible emotion. ugh

Moral of the story: Don't get dressed in the dark

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

she insisted?

remember when i introduced you to my sister?
well she insists she joins this here blog.

i'm sure she'll be posting twice a day.

but really;)


Monday, October 1, 2012

connor white.

i'm glad we all got over the fact that i was the freak on my mom's phone that night, and you were the fancy lookin' skinny kid.  & maybe after all these years we still are them. probably.

you'll be great. i know you'll have many adventures, and funny things to tell me while youre out in montana.
i hope you find hannah.
okay that was dumb...

i also just wanted to say thanks.
our friendship is probably one of the greatest most funniest thing that has ever happened to me.
this past week has been a blast. i hope you have finally conquered the suit pants delay, and i'm slightly dissapointed i never met the man.
i loved and miss the mornings to school with you, "cheer up charlie sKLASHdjf;lahjSDGF;l" get's me ever time.
which is theee only kind of contact you wanna be makin around here;)
know i'll be looking for the orange tie and customized connor ring.
& when i need to feel your presence i'll wear my livestrong wristband.

i'll miss you on my sunday nights:)


Tuesday, September 25, 2012


Ways to win your heart, songs you sing in the shower, 
items you lust after, words/phrases that make you laugh 
and reasons to hate you. 

ways to win my heart:
1. laugh at my jokes. yourself with me, and let me be me.
3. be there when i call you up.
4. listen
5. make me laugh; alot.

songs i sing in the shower:
1. Taylor Swift. Period.
2. I'm on top of the World
3. I've got a lovely bunch of coconuts
4. can you meet me half way...
5. hannah montatna duh

items i lust after:
2. my very own phone
3. car
4. cute watches
5. anything potter

phrases that make me laugh:
1. potato salad
3. what the chinese??
4. schmeee!!
5. of course it's chonchie

reasons to hate me:
1. i have been to hp world
2. i'm hilarious
3. i can peel three bannanas at a time.
4. kelly clarkson held my hand
5. i have theee coolest/weird/awkward/funny/awesome people as my friends.

wanna wrap you up...
wannna kiss your schmeee

Sunday, September 23, 2012


write a really vague post.

i like the way you don't even try, but yet seem to captivate me with everything you do.

you hurt me so much then, but now i'm different. and youre still you, so i got the better deal.

youre quiet. but loud.

i've known you since birth. and we may be different and like different things, but yet we're the same person.
& you've taught me so many things.

i love how we're so spontaneous together; i'll miss you.

i love the way i make fun of you, and you reward me with banana treats.

i'm naming my child after you.
i love the way i can be completely honest with you
& you never judge me for it.

i love the way you call me em.

i love the way we go off into tangents about life, but our best conversations are when we just sit there
side by side.

youre mysterious and weird. and i never know what i feel about you.

-well that was fiendi.

Number 8:

Write something about musicals you love, something that made you cry, and something you're embarrassed of.

Musicals....i like the music. And the way you can feel the emotion of the character and story play on throughout the show.

something that made me cry...
bridge to teribithia.

i'm embarrassed of my three year old bedroom.
it's cool though.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

buttcrack lady.

i can't believe i forgot to tell you guys about her!!

okay so last like thursday me, natalie, and this kid named ryan were all working.
it was pretty slow so we were all occupied in the back...
well then i got bored so i wandered up to the front...
where i looked out the drive through and saw the most disturbing looking fact i had to take a double take to make sure i wasn't just so bored that i was seeing things...
anyway i start to laugh so hard and i go back and tell natalie to come look outside.
well just perched right infront of the drive thru is this 20ish old blondie with seventy-five percent of her rear showing.
i was dying.
and like hellllo??
what is she thinking..
ha so we're just like what the heck what do we do??
and basically she's sitting there just getting ready for the day brushing her hair, and putting make-up on...ha what the??
anyway finally someone drives up to the drive thru, but she doesn't even leave!!
ha she just goes like oh crap and pulls her clear undershirt over her bootay...
ha that didn't help...
she sat there for at least a half an hour before she left...
and then returned an hour and half later....
with. a. man.

to be continued.

Monday, September 17, 2012


you wake up 10 minutes before you have to leave so you pull out your nifty glasses and dodger's hat.
or you decide to got to homecoming last minute.
& sometimes you have crappy days.

here's to a better tommorrow

p.s. hello megann!!;) hope youre having a fantastic monday.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

taco runs.

sometimes even though you may just spend an hour with someone..
it may completley change the outcome of your day.
i haven't laughed so hard in SO long.
thanks connor. :)

Friday, September 7, 2012

events of the current day.

#1- in second period today we watched a clip of princess part? right with nick shows up on screen...jaylee lets out a now a that girly noise that means he's hott i want him.....anyway she was meaning for a few ppl to hear...ha but the whole class basically looked over...ha so funny.

#2- in that same class period we were giving presentations...some of them gave us candy. jaylee brought food for the people of the class, and i bought us some reisens. because we obv deserved it. anyway, during this class period i think we both gained five pounds. seriously so much candy:)
i feel great about it.
while walking out of class jay and i were discussing how we are seriously gaining weight or something, and i'm all jay i'm seriously losing my abs. well this football jock is all, "youre losing your abs?" in his snotty little voice. and i'm just like DUH, you wish you had some....okay kidding i was just like yes, i am! ha, anyway is was quite embarrasing.

#3-KC. (is that supposed to be a G?) sorry inside joke. ha
i found i new one.
Today in seminary we were all going around telling everyone our names, and our favorite animal. along with this you had to either make the animal sound, or act your animal out.
so this goes on... you get the normal animals, duck, dog, fish, etc.

then towards the end you start getting interesting for example:
this girl stands favorite animalll....well ugh..can i pick two? i'm really good at the sounds....well okay so my first is a kitten....before warning anyone she starts meowing....and she was doing it for a really long time and quite good. i was trying to hold the laughter in....seriously. her next one was a dog...and she just started barking.
that in itself pretty much made my day.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

mia moment #582

so here's a short backround story.
once upon a time my friends all graduated last year,
but apparently i'm still supposed to be in HS.
what i'm trying to get at is that i have like two friends....


today lunchtime rolled around and i sat down at an empty table.
a couple minutes later "friends" filled up the empty spaces.
and then slowly scattered around the lunchroom.
while i , completely content ,was left with good ole eric.
for a moment.
then he went off to look for his wallet,
and i was just there reading harry potter.

i felt great about it, really.

anyway as i'm minding my own buisness some dorkhead decides to chuck a ranch at my head....
okay so it probably was an accident...but let's be real. i looked like the biggest nerd. i could've been an EASY target.
well moments after this random girl comes over and tells me i have ranch alllll up in my herrr.

so basically that's my day.

invisible forever & always,

Saturday, September 1, 2012

for the laughs.

mia at her best:) and yes that is tigger on my right cheek.  crazy hair day?? pretty sure i won.

the funny thing this was my absolute favorite year of school to date.
love the six grade.
yes, i said sixth.
(i had to say it twice due to misunderstanding as if maybe you were wondering if i was a homeless third grader)

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

not alone.

these past couple of days i have seen things that have made me realize that i'm not the only mia on this planet.

Experience 1: Once upon a time they decided to hire 5 new people at my work. One so happened to be connor's little sister Natalie. Me being the nice person that i am. decided that this was a perfect situation to prank the newb. So of course I worked with Natalie on her first day, and so did Adam Muse. After i got there Adam gave me the signal....

Me: So natalie Susan (boss lady) likes us to go out and be a shakaboarder when the store starts getting slow? Would you mind? it's kinda like the newbies job.....

Natalie: serious?? She has you do that? i've always dreaded that job....

Adam: well here you go...hands her the sign.

haha!! i tried not to bust she goes out to the road right by Wiener-schnitzel. Ands starts to shake it up....ha about a minute later of peeing our pants we summoned her back inside.

good times.

Experience 2: Today while Jay & I were walking to second period just engaging in a conversation. We realized that this girl just slammed right into the pole in front of her....and then after she scolds herself by saying "why am i so out of it today?!". and that's where i lost it. i know i'm mean. but i just thought...that is something i totally would've done.

so let's join together and rule the world.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

day 6.

honestly i just love these new disney channel shows. it makes me wish i grew up with shake it up and jessie. But instead i got cursed with that so raven and lizzie mcguire....

*that was so hard to say it hurt.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Day Five.

List concerst you've attended.
Well i've attended two concerts. in the 7th grade i went to the Hannah Montana concert with The Jo Bros as her opening. needless to say, i was pleased.
This last March i attended Kelly Clarkson's concert with good ol' Connie. One of the best days. She held my hand. No big.

my dream concerts would be....
Taylor Swift....duh
Hunter Hayes
Carrie Underwood
David Archuleta
Eli Young Band
Ellie Goulding
Ariana Grande
Sara Barielles
Imagine Dragons

Saturday, August 18, 2012

day quatro.

Imitate a MEME.

Don't Judge. This is the best i could get out of my 4yr. sister who was the only one present to take a photo:)

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Day 3: Pretend there's a movie about you.

Title: Through the eyes of 17 yr. old Emily (i know original)

Soundtrack: i'm on top of the world -imagine dragons, holding out for a hero -ella mae bowen & time of our lives -miley cyrus.

Emily: Mia Thermopolis/Anne Hathway

My Best Friend: Connor = james dean/ lukebenward ;)

My Best Friend: Jaylee = hayden panettiere/annasophia robb

Funny guy: Jason = bear grylls/jason dolley

Friend: Landon = sid off toystory ha

Friend: Eric = Cory Monteith

Enemy: ? = Kristen Stewart (she freaks me out.)

My lover that i will never have: Zac Efron

Ha My friends and i always tell ourselves our lives could be a movie or a tv show!! this was fun. the storyline is complicated, but things seem to always turn out right. ha, bless!!


Tuesday, August 14, 2012

part two: Write about your zodiac/horoscope and if you think it fits your personality.

     first off i'm a gemini. i was born on the lovely date of june 14th.
  • Talking
    Novelty and the unusual
    Variety in life
    Multiple projects all going at once
  • Feeling tied down
    Learning, such as school
    Being in a rut
    Mental inaction
  • Being alone  
surprisingly this actually describes me. 
i like to talk? check.
am i unusual? check
multiple projects? if that means i like to be busy..then check.
reading? check
feeling tied down? check
learning in school? check check check
mental inaction? what the??
being alone? check
then again, this is such a broad explanation it could fit anyone....

Daily Teen

You're on to something big and weird that you don't quite understand -- but maybe you like it better that way! Try to roll it around in your mind for a while before sharing the details with friends.
ya....doesn't quite describe my all. ha
catch me later tomorrow!!

Monday, August 13, 2012

connor's ultimate 30 day challenge.

day 1: Post a headshot, and profile of your face. Tell about your face and some basic facts about you.

 this here to the right is me, and to the left would be my bestie jay.
my face has seen a lot. been some places. & it's the first thing ppl see.

my hair? brown, thick, and long. needs some cuttin.
my foreheard? the zit locater.
my eyes? brown.
my nose? my least favorite feature...ha
my lips? Proudly VL. ha look at those babies!!;)
my teeth? my front two teeth have white marks from me hittin the bathtub when i was a smaller emily.

i'm a harry potter fiend. i have a hp hat. 2 necklaces(includes a time turner.). shoes. 2 sweaters. robe. tie. wand. glasses. and 2 shirts.
i like to have fun. i'd call myself adventurous.
i was the shortest basketball player on my hs team.
i'm funny. i tend to laugh at all my jokes.
ppl make fun of my laugh.
i'm very very compettive.

& that's about a pine cone of what you need to know.
signing off!

Friday, July 20, 2012

meet the sister.

guys my sister is probably one of the reasons i'm so mia prone. i looked up to her in so many ways...well maybe i should change that;)

example #1

megann to my mom and i: guys guess what i finally figured out what a house number is...i used to always just type in my address.

me:'d you not know? it's in the name...ha!!

megann: i bet lots of ppl don't get it for a while...

mind you this girl is 20.

example #2

my sister and I work at smoothie king... yesterday we were working together. (megann is having problems with her back,hips, and arms..basically she's a 90 year old women) So megann's in the back trying to fix the blenders, and i 'm like..

em: okay i'm the handy person here.
megann: no i'm the handi one...(ten seconds later) o you mean that kinda handy...

haha gotta love her.

Monday, July 16, 2012

whoops, it's been awhile.

#1 when you're working at smoothie king, and this big guy comes in and orders a hulk (a smoothie that is really fattening for you, and makes you gain weight). At first it wasn't a big deal, but then i started to make him the got to the weight gain. one clear scoop, two clear scoops, and as i looked athim i couldn't do two scoops of weight gain it is!! My co-worker matt says i probably saved him from a heart attack. so as of right now i feel pretty good. :)

#2 when you're working the drive-thru and right after you take their order you say, "alright, and can i have a name for that please?" AWK. " i mean nevermind that's what we do when youre inside the store...haha. let's just say i did not see that ladies face...

#3 when you get a mosquito bite on your butt....not cool. can't itch in  public if you know what i mean...

well signing off,

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Nuzzle Nuzzle

Well, just trying to revive the good old Mia Moments. This might be lame, but I feel it would happen to Mia.

I was taking this lady's order at work the other day, and her boyfriend/husband just kept nuzzling her neck, and kissing it while she ordered. Needless to say, I felt uncomfortable. They were such a SOFE.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

such a pre.

today i ran my car into the bushes.
lesson learned: pay attention.
it sucks.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

As I was putting a broom away in the cupboard....

*Eric getting out of car* "OWWW!!! OWWW" *shuts door* "That awkward moment when you were running over my heel."

Katniss Braid.....o.m.pre.

mate me :p

Who's a Hufflepuff? *Glance at Conover* DUUUUUUUUUUUHHHHHH

That moment when Hunter Anderson's old girlfriend and Cody Buckner's mom were my nurses today. Awk.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

today, when i woke up i was mia thermopolis. 

but now i choose to be, forevermore, Amelia Minuette Thermopolis Renaldi Princess of Genovia.

Monday, March 26, 2012

emily white.

with the easy win for the mia award today.
laughing so hard right now.

Monday, March 12, 2012

Oh the KP.

walking behind KP on her way to P.E.
Tap her backpack.
don't even get me in that MOOD.
i don't wanna go to class. *crying*

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Longest Mia EVER

Can I just say that church was the looooongest Mia ever? I mean all I needed was the hat and I am her.

Also, found this little gem on the cam today.

Hair...Voltaire...I want to learn about Voltaire
Ooooooh mamma Mia
I think it looks really sweet Mia

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Monday, March 5, 2012

4 way mia.

when you see KP at a 4 way stop, and just stare at her until she finally notices you.
because after all, you are invisible.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Stored Moments

The following are moments from my phone that I saved so that my dear lil oprah could hear them later.

Gretel: (As she flips the end of my nose back and forth) *sigh* I can't do that to myself.

Emily: *playing catch phrase* STRAWBERRIES *Fiend hand hits*

*miming wedding ring*

*miming scissors*

KP moment at freeway. As she realizes that she is abou to enter the freeway once the light turns green. She panics and then turns to the window and pounds on it trying to get the other drivers attention. "PLEAS LET ME OVER!! I HAVE TO GET OVER!! ANYBODY PLEASSEE!" Might have been the funniest thing ever.

Thursday, February 23, 2012


that moment when you already know tomorrow's a hat day.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Not mine but hers

So tonight was the drama club ice skating activity. Which YOU WERE SUPPOSED TO COME TO!!! But I get it, you have a reputation to uphold..... So obv the Mar is there and we're skating and she tells me, "Look! I can skate on one foot!"


So she starts out a little shakey for one thing. Then she gets going and goes on the one foot.


For one second.

Then she loses her balance and does fiend hands in the air for like five whole seconds before going into a perfect cartoon fall on her butt. I peeeed.

Also, for future reference, remember the Benjamin Kristen save. You'll hear about it.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Date Mia's

While walking out of nickel city connor and i, without realizing, walk right out simultaneously through the people counters. We got stuck for a few moments and walked out. Hahaha

sitting down at the smotthie place. says somthing...
Connor: HUH?
So loud.. haha that was hilarious.

last but not least.
the door step moment.
after walking very briskly to my front door.
me and connor hugged and as we were giving thanks my heel caught foot in the door mat.
and i biffed.
It was quite loud because my dear mother thought someone was knocking on the door, but when we she saw us peeing our pants she knew it was not the case.
the classiest mia moment to end the night.


Thursday, February 16, 2012


So here I am thursday night, already cleaned the car with Emily, planning on hanging out with Benjamin later, and for right now I'm just doing my usual workout. Well, Benjamin texts me and says "I'm on my way ho", so naturally I start to hurry up so that I can finish before he gets here. Well, I'm on my third to last move, lying on the bench and lifting weights into the air. I am seriously in a zone, you have no idea. Music is blasting, and I'm surprised Benjamin isn't here yet. So, while my eyes are closed (which they are for the whole move) I'm thinking how funny it would be if Benjamin walked in and I didn't even notice. Much to my surprise, when I open them for a peek on rep 4, There he is directly between the weights. I screamed and who knows how I didn't drop the weights on my face.

Here is a beautiful illustration of what I saw.

Cleaning Cam-Cam.

How did Connor and Me spend our Thursday afternoon?
cleaning the car...DUH.
obviously it was an adventure..because let's be honest it always is.
we get cleaning away...singing to our favorite songs.
when suddenly,
the music stops.

Me being the optimistic one and all.
Said something like great the cars dead...(with no hesitation i might add)
and of course this incident happens one minute after connor's parents left on their anniversary date

Anyway back to the story.
So we we're like great we need to start the car, because obviously who goes a second without listening to  music while cleaning?
ya, exactly.

so connor puts the car in neutral and starts pushing it towards the truck.
while trying to achieve this he somehow almost pushed to car almost all the way past the truck and into the neighbors yard. So basically he ended up pushing it back to where we started....haha after like a half an hour we finally got the cars lined up.
And i informed connor that we were going to need jumper cables that we could probably find in the back of his trunk. ( which we did thank you very much.)

Well here came the tricky part. And honestly i wish we had a video camera filming us.
because it was time to attach the cables. We had them all on except for one.
Let's just say the last one freaked us out. Because it was sparking, we thought it was normal, but who really knew? We have both never done this before, for all we know we should be dead.
Well after what seems like two weeks of AWW and YOU DO IT.

we finally got it to work.
go us.