Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Lamp Melting and Other-Dumb-Things-I've-Done-Lately

So at college sometimes you have WAY different sleeping schedules than your roommate.

One night I got to bed way later than than my roommate so when I came in I was feeling all bad for the ruckus I was causing and for having my lamp on. Being the Mia I am, I threw my blanket over my lamp to block the light a little while I finished getting ready for bed...

A while passes and I'm all snuggled up in bed reading my scriptures when I smell something odd... something burning. I look over to my shelf and what do I see?! (For your information, it was NOT popcorn popping on the apricot tree.) Oh, just my blanket melting to my lamp.

Like no big deal, it's fine. It's the middle of the night, all my roommates are asleep and I nearly cause a house fire. I obviously could not freak out about it because it would wake up my roommate but what else was there to do? I had a baby little panic attack where stared at my mess and hyperventilated a little and decided to brave up and take action. I turned off the lamp, unplugged it, grabbed a flashlight, and peeled off the blanket from the melted plastic.

Luckily, the blanket wasn't hurt at all, (if you wondered, blankets are a high commodity to poor college students up here in freezing cold Logan, Utah) but the lamp was just a little distorted... guess I'm now in the market for a new one.

Oh, not to mention cleaning checks were the next morning so I had to hide my melted lamp from my RA so as not to be docked and/or fined.

Also, It seems like I am really not getting along with doors these days... I swear, there is this door in my building that whacks my back every time I go through it. The phrase "don't let the door hit you" has never made so much sense. And it seems like every time I approach a door, someone is already opening it on the other side! Take this occasion for example:

I was walking home from class, blasting my favorite Pandora station in my head phones and silently rocking out in my mind, as usual. I check my phone while simultaneously opening the door to my hall. I look up and WHAM! I run headlong into some random stranger guy I've never met.

Of course Random Stranger Guy scares the living day lights out of me so I, like, dramatically gasp for air and say,"you scared me!" to which that sassy little voice in my head replied, "Well, thank you, Captain Obvious, I'm sure he could tell by your dramatic air sucking." Random Stranger Guy of course, said nothing, looked at me like I was crazy (can't blame him for that one), and walked away.

As long as we're on this "dumb things I've done lately" streak, I gotta tell you about Angie's the other night.

So last week, roommates and I were really bored. One of my roommate's cousin was visiting and we wanted to do something fun so we decided to go to a corn maze out on the edge of town. There was seven of us total, so we split ourselves up between the two cars and were on our way.

We hardly made it around the block when one group has to pull over for car troubles. We took the car back to the parking lot and decide we still wanted to go to the corn maze. We had to hurry though, because someone heard that the last tickets were sold at 9. All seven of us piled into the working car, that fits four comfortably and legally, and set off again.

To make a long story short, we got lost. We wondered around, decided to switch to Plan B: a different haunted house place, which we couldn't find either, and then finally to Plan C: cleaning the sink at a restaurant called Angie's. (Let's remember that there were five girls crammed in the back seat loosing feeling in most limbs while all this wondering-about-town and going-through-the-Alphabet-of-Evening-Plans was happening.)

Now, with this "sink," I'm not talking taking bleach and a sponge to a legitimate kitchen sink in the restaurant or anything. I'm talking a sink full of ice cream sundae. If you can scrape it clean you get a bumper sticker, a picture on their bulletin board, a whole lot of pride, and generally a big stomach ache (especially if you're lactose intolerant like me).

It wasn't so bad between seven of us, but I can't say the ride home was any bit pleasant. But hey, it was one of those hard to forget nights because of it so, I guess it was worth it.

Guys, #collegelyfe is the funniest thing that's ever happened to me. Every day is a whole new adventure full of Mia's (like when Neighbor Guy called me "invisible". Yep, for reals, he did. I am Mia Thermopolis in real life.) but I can't complain, it's pretty great.



Thursday, September 26, 2013

college mias

1. Me and Caroline both have bunk beds and every time we jump down or make a loud sound we'll look at each other and whisper, "they heard that" referring to our downstairs neighbors.

2. Speaking of our downstairs neighbors....My friend Stephanie from downstairs asked me to go swimming with her the other night. I had just finished my hw, so was like, why not! Oh, not just regularly swimming, fetchin' LAP swimming. Apparently, Stephanie is like a swimming prodigy. Who knew? Not me. We get there and she grabs me some goggles and...wait for it.....a SWIM CAP. hahaha, I was dying. Not only was I going to suck, but I was going to look like a bald fool. Anyways, getting on the swim cap is the biggest task in itself, and I really wish we got it on tape. I would hold the front part to my forehead, then Stephanie was all, "1.2.3!" as she shoved it over my head, but failing in getting all my hair in it (can't be tamed). ugh, darn, should've snapped a pic. we finally got into the pool, and you can just imagine me being the biggest struggler. Stephanie would attempt to teach me these new moves one being how to do this dolphin kick. Which I sort of got, but not really. Her best advice to me was to "hump" the water. love. her.

3. So far, my English class is my most favorite. The teacher is the funniest person, and every time he walks into class he is always panting. Anyways, they're four girls that sit at my table, one being this girl named Tori. We had class Friday and tori informed us that she was excited to go camping over the weekend, fun times! Skip forward to Monday, the next assigned class, and no tori. Me and Sydnee were joking that Tori had died from camping (because tori is definitely a cheerleader, and cheerleaders don't camp). Next class, Wednesday, I arrive first among us girls, and soon after Tori shows up. "Tori! You're here! Me and Syd were joking that you had died camping, where were you?" Oh, I actually was in the ER. *awkwardness everywhere*

4. Once upon a time it was the first week of college and Emily rode her bike to class. She arrived at the Hinckley building, but in order to get to the bike rack there were two sets of stairs to get up. Ugh, great, she was already sweating. So basically I was that shmee that was maneuvering her bike up each step. Later, I realized that there was a slope RIGHT next to the stairs that I could've just ridden my bike up. I have an aura that just screams FRESHMAN.

5. Sydnee from my English class and I were walking home together yesterday (look at me making friends)! Anyways, as we're walking home we reach to where we split off and I start to say the usual like have a nice day, see ya! and I start to head toward this dorm. "don't you live in barnes?" Oh, right. Good thing for those almost friends that already know where you live (we had only walked home once before!) Anyway, super embarrassing on my part.

Saturday, September 7, 2013

the wisdie life.

i basically am, like, LITERALLY ^^^ the biggest fat kid. All I eat is ice cream, yogurt, and smoothies. 

The wisdie life does has it's perks though. I now own the funniest videos of myself that will make me laugh on any given bad day. I also get out of ALL my chores, and i send the best drunk texts, and have the best face times.

Like, really. I face timed marley and all i remember is:

a) she was going to dinner with our former co-worker AND
b) she was making fun of me for calling myself the third chipmunk to Chip n' Dale. (i proudly named myself Chunk)

so go get your wisdom teeth sucked out of you and go face-time erry one you know.

Thursday, August 22, 2013

car probs.

once upon a season, my car broke down.

and once upon a time, it died.
right in front of the JR. high. RIGHT after i dropped my little sister off.

after it died, i was SO embarrased because one: I'M IN THE MIDDLE OF THE ROAD, AT THE BUSIEST TIME OF DAY. two: I AM WEARING GLASSES, SOCKS AND SANDALS, AND MY SMOOTHIE KING SHIRT I WORE TO BED. (and i didn't even have the time or decency to brush my teeth) #yuck

so i get out of the car, and look at the guy behind me and mouth, "my car just died." he seemed to get the hint and got right out of his car to help me push it safety (he's a hero). I then had to ask to borrow his phone, because i forgot mine and called my dad over to the rescue.

the end.

Monday, August 19, 2013

oh, megann.

us mckendrick girls love our cupcakes!

it may not be a firehouse, but yes, she lives in the basement of a school house.

POISON IVY. (hehehehehe)
look at me in the basement! (so many lighting utensils)


Sunday, August 18, 2013

Stating the Facts.

I know there's only like two people that read this pre of a blog, but i'm bored so bare (bear?) w/me. hahaha

Well i thought i should state some facts about me.

1. I move out in 25 days. (!!!!!!!!) I have never wanted to go to school so bad, and my close friends are probably like emily you're so annoying all you ever talk about is how badly you want to move out. And i'm sorry (not sorry), because my whole life (includes premortal existence + 18 yrs) i've never felt SO close to independence. which brings me to my next fact --->

2. I have Second Child Syndrome. It's when you're the second child and you feel like you are a shadow to your older sibling, and you sometimes feel left out so you make yourself as noticeable as possible. (guilty) You may also be the select babysitter of your parents, and it sometimes sucks a little....

3. My best of friends/sister are serving the Lord in Montana, Indianapolis, Germany, and Mexico. (whoop, whoop!)

4. My best friend, former mia, moved out yesterday and i miss her lots. I saw her truck today, and it hurt a lot.

5. I may be the pickiest eater you'll ever know. My tongue will never voluntarily touch: tomatoes, broccoli, pickles, bananas, mustard, ketchup, shrimp, or any seafood for that matter...etc.

Well those are my 5 facts of the day. If you'd like some questions answered..well just comment (either one of you two!;) hahaha

oh, you wanted to see a snapshot of my week?

okay, fine, here was the best part of my day.

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

The Summer Romance. #failureoflife

Once upon a time Em and Mar had these cute little summer flings. Em's Redhead broke up with her on FB after like a week and Mar's got on a plane to go work in Mexico without saying a word.


biggest Mia of life.

Sunday, August 4, 2013

18 yrs.

15 yrs. ago I met a blonde haired girl. We had absolutely NOTHING in common. She was blonde, I was brunette. She liked dolls, I liked cars and hanging with the boys. However, they we were best friends. They would merely agree to disgree with their likes/dislikes and as the years went by the realized they had more in common than they thought. They eventually grew up, and side by side they worked, churched, laughed, cried, and of course just made fun, and made fun of each other the whole way through. This blonde girl I met 15yrs ago has ALWAYS been there for me. I'll always love her for that. Happy Birthday, Marley.

the brunette.

can we all just take a moment to take in all the awkardness of this photo

this is what we do 98% of the time we're together.

for no eyebrows i'd say i look pretty good. And the fact we're at girls' camp

stank face? she wins. always.

10 yrs. 
hoorah for best friends.

here's to another 60 yrs of friendship.

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Missionary Mias

This is part of megann's letter from the first week of the MTC. She is now in Indiana and she loves it. Haha, pray for her. 
Walking outside of the bookstore wearing my blue cute skirt with my companion. People are walking towards us, and all of a sudden my skirts flys up! I squeal and put down my skirt as fast as I can! so embarassing, but we laughed about it forever.
Companion and I get done using the bathroom and walk out the door, and there are some sisters walking towards us and a classroom door open. My companion looks at me weird and puts her hands over her mouth.....OH I realize my skirt is tucked up into my garments.....oh wow. We died on the floor laughing.
We get this Bright orange stickers on our name tags so everyone knows to wave at us and welcome us the first day. So of course I love waving at people and being welcomed by people, and so I leave it one the second day. Then my companion was like, "okay, it's time to take that off". So I left it on a little bit longer, and then reluctantly took it off, but some people still say hi to us.

Saturday, June 1, 2013


We did it! Mia and all.

"All we wanted was to pass the 10th grade"-mia

I even did the "Thank you for being here" and did the princess wave right in front of the A for all the world to see. (didn't even trip)
 ^^we're one with the flying squirrels


Off to bigger and better things- Class of 2013, baby!

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

I've got my ticket for the long way 'round
These feet weren't built to stay too long
And I'll go there on my own,
But you'll miss me when you're home
It's for you, dear, that I sing this song

When I'm gone
When I'm gone
You're gonna miss me when I'm gone
You're gonna miss me by my hair
You're gonna miss me everywhere,
You're gonna miss me when I'm gone

Well, today was pretty tough for the McKendrick Family. But we did somewhat recover after a trip to Baskin Robbins.
Go get 'em Megs!!
See ya in 18!:)
 Keep up with the Mia as she is out serving in Indiana here.

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Fat Kid's Nightmare.

Once upon a time I made a best friend in the worst seminary class, with the BIGGEST mia as a teacher.

Me and this best friend decided we would visit each other at work.

Yesterday was my turn.

I show up, and surprise her! *happy hands*

I ordered a BLT, and i got a free combo meal because my best friend is the best. (all my besties are.)

Fast Forward 20 minutes and it's time for me to get back home.

I still have half of my food leftover, so i ask for a box to put my food in.

Let it be known that 2 minutes before this Mia I was expalining to her that i had a Mia blog with Marley where we would post all our struggle moments......

As, I'm getting into my car I put the box on the hood and hurry and put my coke in the cup holder before teh box could....

whoops, too late.

did my bff sid witness the entire situation through the window...

you betcha.

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

the last post was so shmeeish it just had to be addressed.

That's all.
Only 14 more days though!! ha, this women is ready to be out on that field.
Just put her in coach.

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

2 Weeks!!

That Moment when I get two pairs of shoes that are exactly the same, and the cashier lady just looks at me really weird.

It was a really good deal...and they were for my mission

Monday, April 22, 2013

Gas Moment.

& no, not the flatulence kind. Gross.
I'm talking about the expensive car kind.

So the story goes I was driving my dad's car a lot, because he was out of town. Well on the way to work on friday I see that the gas light was on.  Welllll me not being used to my dad's car i thought everything was fine, and that I could just fill up the gas tank tomorrow before I went to work on Saturday. It really was a valid thought because my  mom's car runs on her gas light for lightyears....

Anyways, saturday comes along and I go out for gas. I start the car up, and I can feel the car kind of having a hard time....Well I start on my journey trying to cruise my way to Cosco. FAIL.

On the way to Cosco you have to go over this hill. So i was like this could be good i can use the momentum from going down the hill and make my way up. Well I go up, but that's about all I got. I can push the gas pedal, but nothing's happening. so i pull over before I become dead meat. And I just so happened to be pulled over right in front of my really good friend's house, but with my luck she was across the country....so i contact her little sister who just so happened to be in Orem at a soccer game.

(this is me contemplating my worth while waiting to be rescued.)

Who do I call next?

My fellow Mia, obviously.

And of course, she doesn't even judge me..and hauls her truck over to my destination.
 (she's the greatest)

We fill up the gas can, drive it back to my car, and i then i drive back over to Cosco to fill my tank up.

Little did i know the Mia I was going to have while filling up my car....

So i get out, and I'm standing by the car and I can seriously feel this old man just STARRING at me...I try to ignore him by acting busy with my phone, but he finally just says, "So your pants are really tight, how do you get them on?" Um What did you just say?? is what went through my mind but I simply replied, "Oh you know, there's a bigger hole at the top"

And then I just drove away still in shock about the craziest day that had just happened. & it was only 2 o'clock.

Thanks Maaaalay. You da best. I'll be there when you're having some truck problems:)

Friday, April 19, 2013

The other Mia's prom: round one

Prom guys. It was crazy.
So, like Emily, I was also set up on a blind date for Sr. Prom. Which was surprisingly way fun. Who knew?!
Mia's? There were PLENTY. So here's what happened:

The day date. He picked me up at 2:45 after school on Friday got out and we headed up to Heather's grandpa's ranch, which is an hour away. The drive went well, a tad bit of awkward silence but that was alright. Also, my date doesn't listen to music. Like ever. I know, I couldn't fathom the idea. So that was a bit uncomfortable, but luckily, he asked any one if they wanted to hook up their iPod in the last 30 ish minutes of the drive. And man, my hand shot up faster than Hermione Granger's in first year Potions class.
We got to the ranch and the first item on the agenda? Shooting. Don't get me wrong, I actually think shooting is really fun! I don't have any issues with guns at all. But this was shooting clay pigeons, the kind you throw into the air, in front of a bunch of people I hardly knew who were good at this sort of thing. Oh well, I gave it a shot anyway. (Haha, get it?) I didn't COMPLETELY shame my family name, I'll tell you that much. (My family is way into that kind of thing too, I used to have a great shot but now I'm pretty out of practice.) I hit the first one!! ... The rest was kind of a blur, but I know I hit that first one! And no body died, so that was good too.
Next up? A ride through the canyon. Not too much to say about that except it was beautiful. Two of the couples drove four wheelers and my date and I as well as one other couple, drove side-by-sides. His was way nice and all the other guys wanted to take it for a spin but he didn't let any one-- except me!! That was way fun. And I didn't crash it!
After the ride, dinner. The boys were super cute and prepared and got straight to work. Alright, lets back up a few hours shall we? One hour before he picked me up, I was on a field trip (it was the strangest thing, but that's a story for another day.) and during the last hour of it (one hour before my date picked me up) I had finished off one entire bottle of water and another entire bottle of diet coke. Bad move, Marley. Fast forward! Standing outside the little cabin watching my date at the grill and chatting with him, Heather, and her date. I was literally about to pee my pants. It's questionable whether or not I've ever had to go so bad. I held it for so long before finally asking Heather if there was a bathroom around. We ended up driving up the hill to her aunt's house, which was a little awkward, but that's alright. At least I didn't have to worry about that anymore!!
Next was s'mores. No big deal, right? Right. Because we had had a practice date of sorts a couple weeks ago where we went up AF canyon to have s'mores and already figured out that I sucked at roasting and he sucked and breaking graham crackers. So, my date and I did what we were good at. We made a pretty good team, and an even better s'more.
We cleaned up at around 10:45 ish and got ready for the drive home. I was WAY exhausted. And also, State drama competition was in the morning at 7! There was no way I was staying awake this whole ride home. Ok, basically I was out cold before we got out of the canyon. But hey, so was the other couple in our car so I didn't feel that bad about it. I woke up for a few times throughout the ride and during one, I heard my date say "oh shoot, that was the exit." I didn't think much of it, I didn't even say a word! Just re-situated and went back to sleep, I trusted him to get us home safe, I mean come on, Utah freeways aren't that difficult to re-navigate. Next thing I know we're driving around this little Main Street looking place of some town. All of us kind of stirred into a wakeful state and asked where we were. "Oh, just missed the exit, just gotta turn around here and we'll be back on the freeway." Oh, ok. No prob. So we pull into a parking lot, flip around, and go to turn left to get into the lane to the freeway. (There are no warning signs or street markings agains turning left or anything.) So we turn. And I swear to you my body was 6 inches off that seat. We had hit the median!! You know, just the little tiny curb kind in the middle of the road. But holy cow, if we were ever asleep, you'd never know. We pulled over on the on ramp to discover that we had two flat tires on the trailer (did I tell you we were toeing that side-by-side I told you about earlier?). So there we are, at midnight, stuck on the side of the freeway with two flat tires, one spare, and a broken jack. What an adventure!! We ended up having to wait an hour for his dad to come up with the other spare and a new jack. That one hour was like the most Mia part of the whole day. My date got upset with himself and like, what was I supposed to do? I hardly knew this kid! Do I just not say anything and let him wallow in self pity? Try to laugh it off? Comfort him? Entertain? Distract him and talk his ear off? I had no idea what to do, so I pretty much tried it all. I totally made a fool of myself in the process, but later he thanked me for it so I guess it worked? ANYWAY, I got home around 2, and to sleep at 2:30.
(And yes, I definitely woke up at 6:30!the next morning for state.)

Sorry for the lengthy-ness.... to be continued.

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Prom People.

Guys, I did it! And to be honest it was sooo much fun. Javen was such a cool kid, and I didn't even embarrass myself that much.

scotty even kissed me, and told me I was a princess.

Sunday, April 7, 2013

prom for the mia.

Mia being Mia she did not in her wildest thoughts believe she was going to prom....because Mia does not talk to boys. boys have cooties, and are weird. Especially in High School.

Nontheless, at about 1:30 i was summoned by my sister hannah exclaiming that the Easter bunny was here for me, and was waiting at the door.  let it be known that my outfit consisted of glasses, cavemen P.E. shirt, and my super soft and fluffy cupcake PJ pants. Was my hair done? Definitely not.

I go upstairs, and she wasn't kidding. In a fully outfited bunny costume, is well, a bunny.

haha i was in total shock. he didn't say a word, and just handed me a stack of plates.

WHAT? <-enter a really confused emily face here.

okay, bye?

*he then proceeds to hop to his jeep* literally hopping*

i get a stack full of plates with cookies that spell out the word PROM?

I keep searching for clues, and then finally on the last plate i find this.
I had no clue who Javen was, but proceeded to call the given #. Only to be sent immediately to the voice machine,"this is the bunny waitlist, this is Javen"



well, during intermission i found out who this guy was! haha, a friend of my co-worker Porter.

& decided to answer him back.

emily style duh!!


emily style:
so i get to his door, and his cute little sister answers. I ask for Javen, and she is seriously so scared right now. haha poor thing. Anyway, the father comes to the rescue, but informs me that Javen is asleep. um AWK. okay, welllll i'll just sit here...waiting like the mia that i am.

*Meanwhile my family is sitting in the car, FILMING me. When i told them to park down the street. What turds.*

So he finally shows up to the door, and i look like little miss duck face. I hand him over an egg which has my answer rolled up inside. "yes, i'll be your chick for prom!"

Pretty sure it was the awkest interaction of my entire existence.
& we got it on tape.

prom should be fun.


did i mention that it's this Saturday?

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

happy birthday to the oldest MIA.

O Megann, remember that one time you asked me for a post like this?
well then, today is your lucky day.
Although, you may get on my nerves (a lot), and try to hug me 24/7....
You really are a great big sister. I want to thank you for being a wonderful example to me growing up.
I love how we laugh at ourselves together, because everyone knows that we're hilarious.
I love the way you love, love, love the gospel, and I know that you will have the greatest experiences in Indianapolis. I hope you convert fellow Mias:)
Well, Happy 21st sista.
I hope you had a birthday full of pork, laughter, and beer;)

I love ya,


 pure entertainment:

#hadtopostthispic #lovethecon #supsugly
harry potter!

had to.

why did I have to be the white sister? #askmyselfthateveryday




& of course the best for last. These are probably my favorite videos megann and I have ever recorded.



Friday, March 22, 2013

Other Mia in the Play

So I'm in Singin' in the Rain at the high school, and were required to sell 20 pre-sell tickets for Thursday and Friday nights. I sent out a couple mass texts and told some other friends and guess who bought tickets for tonight? Oh, just Rusty's entire family. And my prom group. ("Hey, guys, come watch me kiss Taft 8+ times tonight.")

(Also, I swear to you, my prom date does not exits in school. Ok that's a lie but seriously I NEVER see him... Or maybe he never sees me.... MIA. Also, that awkward moment when you're going on a sort of blind date to prom. Like, it's fine.)

This is gonna be a fun night. Well, we will see how it goes. Hopefully more to come.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Mia in the Play

Being a Mia you wouldn't ever think I should ever even try to be in a Play, but of course I am taking Drama for Elementary Education--and we are putting on a play.
It is a modern rendition of King Arthur and the Sword in the Stone. We wrote it, so obviously it's Awkward Artie and his Mission Call.

There were no auditions, we all just put who we might want to be on a card. I kind of wanted to be the main character Guenevere or Gwen for our play, but I didn't want to feel rejected if I didn't get that role. So I put first choice Artie's mom, second choice Gwen, and third choice, Artie's friend.

Next day get an email....oh. I'm not Artie's mom, I'm not Artie's friend..............and I'm not Gwen. WOW. I'm the waitress, and the sibling..and now I'm an awkward passerby as well. So.. my dreams of making it big time are out the window--even my classmates didn't pick me to be Guenevere. It's alright only shed 2 tears. Well come to my play it will make you all smile, and there's treats :)

Monday, March 18, 2013

mia in the market(s).

so this past weekend i was the fat kid and decided to take a trip to smiths. (by myself duh!) I was going to deposit my check, but of course i got there a little too late. Obviously i didn't drive all the up there for nothing, so i made my regular pitstop to the candy isle. I had only brought w/me a total of like $10 so not too much was on the line. Anywho, i was looking to get some more gum, always the 5 cobalt 3-pack, but then i realized that the price was much cheaper at wal-mart. So i walked away...only to find that w/my (mom's) smiths card i could get 2 packs of starburst's jelly beans for four dollars. What a steal! yes, i gave in. I also managed to purchase a cherry coke (.79), and then i was off. I did manage to say good-bye to the mamba's that were in my hand for a good five minutes though. i had to compromise somehow. (and i didn't even buy one single girlscout cookie....i sold sixxxxty boxes)

As i got into my vehicle i realized i must get my gum, so i drove over to walmart. Again, straight to the candy isle. And there they were my Cobalt 3-pack just waiting for me. $1.50 less than smith's which made them that much more special. I of course couldn't stop there, and had to purchase some riesens. (so freakin' good)

Well me being me...i guess i wound up in the potato section and saw some hashbrowns that looked like heaven. I call my mom up, who is at cosco at the time, (runs in the family) and ask her if she would pay me back if i purchased them. She said yes, and so i grabbed them. Mind you, i did not have my own cart or basket so i just look like the fastet teenage girl in that grocery store heaving around all my goodies. Hahaha that made me feel like my mia was starting to show, which obvioulsy made me nervous, so i made my way to the check-out line. Self check out that is. (yes, i like to check myself out) <<funny.

I get there and open my wallet, and realize that I am the fiend that only has like four dollars. Ahhh? what to sacrifice. ...sorry kids. the hashbrowns have got to go. I scan my gum and riesens, and I go through this mental battle in my head of do I leave the hashbrowns here, and run out the door leaving the next walmart fiends w/a little surprise? Do i pay, and then run back to the potato isle and leave them be.....or do i just pay for the gum and riesens and run w/my hashbrowns in hand hoping no one will notice me, which was a pretty good bet I might add.

Well obviously I went w/the last option (jokes, went with the 2nd), but I just felt like the biggest shmee for leaving my hasbrowns behind.....next time mama will bring enough money for you.

p.s. i had just watched extreme couponing before heading on this journey

p.p.s. just because i got these riesens i consider this trip a total success
until next time,

Friday, February 22, 2013

living up to name.

connor just got transfered to the city of Thermopolis.

enough said.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Seminary Mia's

1. "So... bow your heads..."
2. *room goes quiet, music plays from Emily's pocket*
3. My phone vibrates loudly on my desk when some Portland # calls...

Thursday, January 31, 2013

Indianapolis for Mia Thermopolis!!!!!

O My Goodness!!!! I am sooooo excited to announce that I will be leaving in May to the Indiana, Indianapolis mission. All I can say, is I had NO idea that this is where I was supposed to go, but I KNOW it is where I am supposed to go. And every time I say that I am going to Indianapolis, it just sounds perfect. Just absolutely perfect. I know that is is where I need to go.

They just broke the ground the for Indianapolis Temple, and it should be finished in 2015. Many people are already asking about Temples, so this will be a great missionary tool.  I know the temple will make such a huge difference for the people in Indiana. It is the first Temple in the state, and so the members have been traveling to Ohio and other places to go to the temple. Temples are the Best.
Anyways, I  cannot stop smiling. I am ready to go, and just need to say..

You can't say Indianapolis, Indiana without a smile.
Try it, I dare ya.
Love You All!! And if you have no idea what a mission is, just look it up on Mormon.org. or comment, and I'll tell you.