Thursday, June 13, 2013

Missionary Mias

This is part of megann's letter from the first week of the MTC. She is now in Indiana and she loves it. Haha, pray for her. 
Walking outside of the bookstore wearing my blue cute skirt with my companion. People are walking towards us, and all of a sudden my skirts flys up! I squeal and put down my skirt as fast as I can! so embarassing, but we laughed about it forever.
Companion and I get done using the bathroom and walk out the door, and there are some sisters walking towards us and a classroom door open. My companion looks at me weird and puts her hands over her mouth.....OH I realize my skirt is tucked up into my garments.....oh wow. We died on the floor laughing.
We get this Bright orange stickers on our name tags so everyone knows to wave at us and welcome us the first day. So of course I love waving at people and being welcomed by people, and so I leave it one the second day. Then my companion was like, "okay, it's time to take that off". So I left it on a little bit longer, and then reluctantly took it off, but some people still say hi to us.

Saturday, June 1, 2013


We did it! Mia and all.

"All we wanted was to pass the 10th grade"-mia

I even did the "Thank you for being here" and did the princess wave right in front of the A for all the world to see. (didn't even trip)
 ^^we're one with the flying squirrels


Off to bigger and better things- Class of 2013, baby!