Monday, December 31, 2012


**Rusty calls**
Me: hello?
Rusty: hey, what are you doin?
Me: uhhhh sittin on the couch with Emily watching Spider-Man...
Rusty: Oh still with Emily? I was just wondering If you wanted to go up to soldier hollow with a bunch of us for scooby's birthday, but that's aright... Haha
Me: haha yeah sorry about that.... I'm still in my pajamas and stuff...
Rusty: oohh haha well, ok! Another time then!
Me: ..... **face-palm**

TMI guys. I need to learn when to just stop talking.

Saturday, December 29, 2012

biggest mia yet.

me and natalie locked ourselves out of smoothie king.

don't judge.

Sunday, December 9, 2012

The Mias' of Sunday School

Alright, first of all: I am too pleased to be added to this here blog. Apparently Emily and I share too many Mia Moments to go unshared.

Second of all: i know, I'm the HUGEST fiend for letting this sit in draft form for WEEKS. wont let it happen again. (hopefully)

Mia #1: (a) So I asked this guy to preference (Does "you owe me your life" ring a bell?) Well, he didn't answer for like a week and a half. Oh, and he's in my Sunday School class. Sunday arrived and guess who didn't show up to class-- the preference hopeful!! (yay for me, right?) but guess who did? oh, his dad. And of course Megan then proceeds to ask all about the Pref. situation and of course his dad is sitting like three seats away and she was talking way too loud. I hoped to escape the situation by laughing and hoping they'd catch the hint but basically it ended up with me practically shoving my hand in Em's mouth to get her to stop speaking of the matter. It was a lovely day in Sunday School.

(b) When he did answer, i had to pop a bunch of balloons and put together the puzzle pieces that were inside. This what it said:

So, that created a semi-mia moment for me. Also, we could not get it together for like AGES and it took all 4 Anderson girls to finally get it done. It's fine.

Mia #2: Another Preference/Sunday School one! whooo! so me and Emily walk in to Sunday School today and my date's like, "So do we have a plan for Saturday?" (yes, indeed the dance is Saturday. and have we planned anything yet? course not.) We just look at each other and are like "Nope!" ... ok, it's currently in process... like in 3... 2... 1... ok, Emily's here. time to plan this thing.

Thursday, December 6, 2012

BYU Dates, BYU Dates, BYU Dates, BYU Dates. Sorry if it's redundant


BYU is full of wonderful surprises, and one of those surprises is that boys just keep bringing girls on the exact same dates over and over again. These consist of mini golf, classic skating, bowling, divine comedy, and bowling, and mini golf.

Let me relate one of these dates that I've been on recently.

So I am in my apartment making pumpkin chocolate chip cookies, when all of a sudden I hear my phone vibrating.

"Hi Megann, umm so are you going to the Ward Christmas party tonight? And what are you doing afterwards?"

"Yes I am, and I don't think I'm doing anything"

"Okay, well do you want to go bowling with some of us later?"

"Sure, that sounds fun."

So, after eating a delightful turkey meal, we head off to the bowling alley with 4 other couples.


I forgot I was "Grammy Megs", and I'm not supposed to lift things or really use my back for a while.

"So umm, I can't really bowl.....," I say. "I can't lift or throw the bowling ball"

"Okay well how about we get one of those racks, and I"ll put it on and you can just push it."

This sounded like a great idea.

So the night goes on, and I would stand up wait for my date to get the bowling ball walk over to the alley, and push the ball down the rack that a 3 yr old uses. Everyone would try to give me tips like.."push a little harder" or "aim the rack a little more to the right"

Just so you know bowling with a rack is way harder than it looks people

I got the lowest score I've ever gotten, looked like a complete dork, and pretty much everyone was looking at me.

But throughout the whole date I smiled and tried not to let people see the complete stupidity I felt inside as I walked back to my seat each time I bowled.

So in the end, now I can say that I've bowled with a rack and survived socially for the most part. At least that's what I think.

The End

library card.

this past saturday i went to the library to get a couple books.
but to specifically get my library card.
so i go up to the front desk and ask for one.
and the lady looks at me, and is all,
"oh, we actually just changed the policy today. let me look at my email."

of course you did.

so now apparently you have to be eighteen to get a library card on your own.....
what a joke.

stay classy america!