Tuesday, August 28, 2012

not alone.

these past couple of days i have seen things that have made me realize that i'm not the only mia on this planet.

Experience 1: Once upon a time they decided to hire 5 new people at my work. One so happened to be connor's little sister Natalie. Me being the nice person that i am. decided that this was a perfect situation to prank the newb. So of course I worked with Natalie on her first day, and so did Adam Muse. After i got there Adam gave me the signal....

Me: So natalie Susan (boss lady) likes us to go out and be a shakaboarder when the store starts getting slow? Would you mind? it's kinda like the newbies job.....

Natalie: serious?? She has you do that? i've always dreaded that job....

Adam: well here you go...hands her the sign.

haha!! i tried not to bust up....so she goes out to the road right by Wiener-schnitzel. Ands starts to shake it up....ha about a minute later of peeing our pants we summoned her back inside.

good times.

Experience 2: Today while Jay & I were walking to second period just engaging in a conversation. We realized that this girl just slammed right into the pole in front of her....and then after she scolds herself by saying "why am i so out of it today?!". and that's where i lost it. i know i'm mean. but i just thought...that is something i totally would've done.

so let's join together and rule the world.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

day 6.

honestly i just love these new disney channel shows. it makes me wish i grew up with shake it up and jessie. But instead i got cursed with that so raven and lizzie mcguire....

*that was so hard to say it hurt.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Day Five.

List concerst you've attended.
Well i've attended two concerts. in the 7th grade i went to the Hannah Montana concert with The Jo Bros as her opening. needless to say, i was pleased.
This last March i attended Kelly Clarkson's concert with good ol' Connie. One of the best days. She held my hand. No big.

my dream concerts would be....
Taylor Swift....duh
Hunter Hayes
Carrie Underwood
David Archuleta
Eli Young Band
Ellie Goulding
Ariana Grande
Sara Barielles
Imagine Dragons

Saturday, August 18, 2012

day quatro.

Imitate a MEME.

Don't Judge. This is the best i could get out of my 4yr. sister who was the only one present to take a photo:)

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Day 3: Pretend there's a movie about you.

Title: Through the eyes of 17 yr. old Emily (i know original)

Soundtrack: i'm on top of the world -imagine dragons, holding out for a hero -ella mae bowen & time of our lives -miley cyrus.

Emily: Mia Thermopolis/Anne Hathway

My Best Friend: Connor = james dean/ lukebenward ;)

My Best Friend: Jaylee = hayden panettiere/annasophia robb

Funny guy: Jason = bear grylls/jason dolley

Friend: Landon = sid off toystory ha

Friend: Eric = Cory Monteith

Enemy: ? = Kristen Stewart (she freaks me out.)

My lover that i will never have: Zac Efron

Ha My friends and i always tell ourselves our lives could be a movie or a tv show!! this was fun. the storyline is complicated, but things seem to always turn out right. ha, bless!!


Tuesday, August 14, 2012

part two: Write about your zodiac/horoscope and if you think it fits your personality.

     first off i'm a gemini. i was born on the lovely date of june 14th.
  • Talking
    Novelty and the unusual
    Variety in life
    Multiple projects all going at once
  • Feeling tied down
    Learning, such as school
    Being in a rut
    Mental inaction
  • Being alone  
surprisingly this actually describes me. 
i like to talk? check.
am i unusual? check
multiple projects? if that means i like to be busy..then check.
reading? check
feeling tied down? check
learning in school? check check check
mental inaction? what the??
being alone? check
then again, this is such a broad explanation it could fit anyone....

Daily Teen

You're on to something big and weird that you don't quite understand -- but maybe you like it better that way! Try to roll it around in your mind for a while before sharing the details with friends.
ya....doesn't quite describe my day....at all. ha
catch me later tomorrow!!

Monday, August 13, 2012

connor's ultimate 30 day challenge.

day 1: Post a headshot, and profile of your face. Tell about your face and some basic facts about you.

 this here to the right is me, and to the left would be my bestie jay.
my face has seen a lot. been some places. & it's the first thing ppl see.

my hair? brown, thick, and long. needs some cuttin.
my foreheard? the zit locater.
my eyes? brown.
my nose? my least favorite feature...ha
my lips? Proudly VL. ha look at those babies!!;)
my teeth? my front two teeth have white marks from me hittin the bathtub when i was a smaller emily.

i'm a harry potter fiend. i have a hp hat. 2 necklaces(includes a time turner.). shoes. 2 sweaters. robe. tie. wand. glasses. and 2 shirts.
i like to have fun. i'd call myself adventurous.
i was the shortest basketball player on my hs team.
i'm funny. i tend to laugh at all my jokes.
ppl make fun of my laugh.
i'm very very compettive.

& that's about a pine cone of what you need to know.
signing off!