Tuesday, August 28, 2012

not alone.

these past couple of days i have seen things that have made me realize that i'm not the only mia on this planet.

Experience 1: Once upon a time they decided to hire 5 new people at my work. One so happened to be connor's little sister Natalie. Me being the nice person that i am. decided that this was a perfect situation to prank the newb. So of course I worked with Natalie on her first day, and so did Adam Muse. After i got there Adam gave me the signal....

Me: So natalie Susan (boss lady) likes us to go out and be a shakaboarder when the store starts getting slow? Would you mind? it's kinda like the newbies job.....

Natalie: serious?? She has you do that? i've always dreaded that job....

Adam: well here you go...hands her the sign.

haha!! i tried not to bust up....so she goes out to the road right by Wiener-schnitzel. Ands starts to shake it up....ha about a minute later of peeing our pants we summoned her back inside.

good times.

Experience 2: Today while Jay & I were walking to second period just engaging in a conversation. We realized that this girl just slammed right into the pole in front of her....and then after she scolds herself by saying "why am i so out of it today?!". and that's where i lost it. i know i'm mean. but i just thought...that is something i totally would've done.

so let's join together and rule the world.


  1. K it's fine that it's 1:30 in the am and I am trying so hard to conceal my laughter. Both of these are absolutely hilarious. Natalie WOULD fall for that. HAHAHAHA. Wish I could have seen.