Monday, August 13, 2012

connor's ultimate 30 day challenge.

day 1: Post a headshot, and profile of your face. Tell about your face and some basic facts about you.

 this here to the right is me, and to the left would be my bestie jay.
my face has seen a lot. been some places. & it's the first thing ppl see.

my hair? brown, thick, and long. needs some cuttin.
my foreheard? the zit locater.
my eyes? brown.
my nose? my least favorite feature...ha
my lips? Proudly VL. ha look at those babies!!;)
my teeth? my front two teeth have white marks from me hittin the bathtub when i was a smaller emily.

i'm a harry potter fiend. i have a hp hat. 2 necklaces(includes a time turner.). shoes. 2 sweaters. robe. tie. wand. glasses. and 2 shirts.
i like to have fun. i'd call myself adventurous.
i was the shortest basketball player on my hs team.
i'm funny. i tend to laugh at all my jokes.
ppl make fun of my laugh.
i'm very very compettive.

& that's about a pine cone of what you need to know.
signing off!

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