Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Mia Missionary Moment

That awkward moment when I talk to my two girlfriends today that I haven't seen for just less than a month, and they say they are going on missions. They already have their missionary papers in, and are expecting their call Nov 7th.

Wait, I thought I was the one going on a mission.

But the best thing is......I am so happy that they are going on a mission!!! We are literally going to have an army of missionaries. 36,000 people started their mission papers that day of conference I heard..wow.

Guess they weren't ever kidding when they said we were a special group of youth all those years.

Here we come :)

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Pleasant Presentation Right?

Well it took me long enough to figure out how to create a blog post. Anyways, I am the sister to those two followers (Marley and Chandice) who don't know that. Apparently I fit right into this Mia blog because I have many Mia-Moments a day.

Last Friday I had to get to class by eight o' clock because I was giving a presentation on four centers that could be used in kindergarten, and why they were so great....So of course I wake up at 7:25. I hurry and get ready with the light off so I don't wake up my roommate, get to class, and after 15 other presenters I get up and present. It went alright, I only got 15 secs per slide, so sometimes i was talking way too fast, but it was great.

1 hour later I am at work sitting at a desk with a computer doing some important stuff, and I look down at my shirt. It looked a little different, but nothing registered.

and then it did register

my shirt........was inside out.

Don't worry just gave a whole presentation, went to class, and went to work  with my shirt inside out

Got to love the mia moments...and the sad part is, this has happened at least 3 times in my life. The worst was  in sixth grade when it was inside out and backwards. Can still remember the horrible emotion. ugh

Moral of the story: Don't get dressed in the dark

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

she insisted?

remember when i introduced you to my sister?
well she insists she joins this here blog.

i'm sure she'll be posting twice a day.

but really;)


Monday, October 1, 2012

connor white.

i'm glad we all got over the fact that i was the freak on my mom's phone that night, and you were the fancy lookin' skinny kid.  & maybe after all these years we still are them. probably.

you'll be great. i know you'll have many adventures, and funny things to tell me while youre out in montana.
i hope you find hannah.
okay that was dumb...

i also just wanted to say thanks.
our friendship is probably one of the greatest most funniest thing that has ever happened to me.
this past week has been a blast. i hope you have finally conquered the suit pants delay, and i'm slightly dissapointed i never met the man.
i loved and miss the mornings to school with you, "cheer up charlie sKLASHdjf;lahjSDGF;l" get's me ever time.
which is theee only kind of contact you wanna be makin around here;)
know i'll be looking for the orange tie and customized connor ring.
& when i need to feel your presence i'll wear my livestrong wristband.

i'll miss you on my sunday nights:)