Thursday, January 31, 2013

Indianapolis for Mia Thermopolis!!!!!

O My Goodness!!!! I am sooooo excited to announce that I will be leaving in May to the Indiana, Indianapolis mission. All I can say, is I had NO idea that this is where I was supposed to go, but I KNOW it is where I am supposed to go. And every time I say that I am going to Indianapolis, it just sounds perfect. Just absolutely perfect. I know that is is where I need to go.

They just broke the ground the for Indianapolis Temple, and it should be finished in 2015. Many people are already asking about Temples, so this will be a great missionary tool.  I know the temple will make such a huge difference for the people in Indiana. It is the first Temple in the state, and so the members have been traveling to Ohio and other places to go to the temple. Temples are the Best.
Anyways, I  cannot stop smiling. I am ready to go, and just need to say..

You can't say Indianapolis, Indiana without a smile.
Try it, I dare ya.
Love You All!! And if you have no idea what a mission is, just look it up on or comment, and I'll tell you.