Sunday, January 20, 2013

The farewell

Guess whose farewell was this morning??
Right! Rusty's!
So of course I'm all stressed and freaking out and running late, as usual. I get there and beat Eliza (my seat saver) so I just chilled in my car for a few minutes until I could withstand no longer cause the meeting was starting in 4 minutes.
I get in, find Lize, and sit down all anxious and stuff, as usual.
Liza's mom is sitting on the stand (as the ward chorister) and frantically trying to sign-language something over to us inconspicuously.
Of course me and Lize are like "whaaaat?"
And the meeting begins.
"Ummm... There is a blue and white truck out in the parking lot with its lights on.."
*leaning over to Lize*
"It's mine. Oh my gosh it's mine. I would. I can't believe I did that."
"Thought we'd excuse you now and save you a jump later" *the congregation laughs*
Welp. There was no way ON EARTH I was getting up from my seat. Not. Happening.

Basically here's how the rest of the meeting went down:
Anxiously wait for the youth speaker and rusty's talk, the musical number gets up to the front, cough twice, leave my seat, cough some more going down the isle to give me an excuse, hit the door and BOOK IT to my car where I frantically turn off the lights and try to start it. It runs. Thank the heaves. BOOK IT back in and wait for the end of the musical number. Try to open the door, locked? Crap.... Wander around to the drinking fountain... Text Liza... Go back... Ok, nbd, there was just a weird latch thing on the door, opened it, ran back to my seat and hoped that I was invisible to the entire crowd.

Oh my fiend. I can't even begin to tell you how embarrassed I was. I mean how rude to just get up right when your friend finishes like "see ya fatties!" And come scampering back in red as a tomato as the next guy starts!

Guys, if there was ever a time for the earth to swallow me up, that would have been a good one.

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  1. haha. hilarious.
    I've had something like that happen before, but it was in fourth grade when the teacher asked whose underwear was on the floor--no way I said it was mine...was it mine? No one ever knew.