Tuesday, September 25, 2012


Ways to win your heart, songs you sing in the shower, 
items you lust after, words/phrases that make you laugh 
and reasons to hate you. 

ways to win my heart:
1. laugh at my jokes.
2.be yourself with me, and let me be me.
3. be there when i call you up.
4. listen
5. make me laugh; alot.

songs i sing in the shower:
1. Taylor Swift. Period.
2. I'm on top of the World
3. I've got a lovely bunch of coconuts
4. can you meet me half way...
5. hannah montatna duh

items i lust after:
2. my very own phone
3. car
4. cute watches
5. anything potter

phrases that make me laugh:
1. potato salad
2. o.my.rowling.
3. what the chinese??
4. schmeee!!
5. of course it's chonchie

reasons to hate me:
1. i have been to hp world
2. i'm hilarious
3. i can peel three bannanas at a time.
4. kelly clarkson held my hand
5. i have theee coolest/weird/awkward/funny/awesome people as my friends.

wanna wrap you up...
wannna kiss your schmeee

Sunday, September 23, 2012


write a really vague post.

i like the way you don't even try, but yet seem to captivate me with everything you do.

you hurt me so much then, but now i'm different. and youre still you, so i got the better deal.

youre quiet. but loud.

i've known you since birth. and we may be different and like different things, but yet we're the same person.
& you've taught me so many things.

i love how we're so spontaneous together; i'll miss you.

i love the way i make fun of you, and you reward me with banana treats.

i'm naming my child after you.
i love the way i can be completely honest with you
& you never judge me for it.

i love the way you call me em.

i love the way we go off into tangents about life, but our best conversations are when we just sit there
side by side.

youre mysterious and weird. and i never know what i feel about you.

-well that was fiendi.

Number 8:

Write something about musicals you love, something that made you cry, and something you're embarrassed of.

Musicals....i like the music. And the way you can feel the emotion of the character and story play on throughout the show.

something that made me cry...
bridge to teribithia.

i'm embarrassed of my three year old bedroom.
it's cool though.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

buttcrack lady.

i can't believe i forgot to tell you guys about her!!

okay so last like thursday me, natalie, and this kid named ryan were all working.
it was pretty slow so we were all occupied in the back...
well then i got bored so i wandered up to the front...
where i looked out the drive through and saw the most disturbing looking thing....in fact i had to take a double take to make sure i wasn't just so bored that i was seeing things...
anyway i start to laugh so hard and i go back and tell natalie to come look outside.
well just perched right infront of the drive thru is this 20ish old blondie with seventy-five percent of her rear showing.
i was dying.
and like hellllo??
what is she thinking..
ha so we're just like what the heck what do we do??
and basically she's sitting there just getting ready for the day brushing her hair, and putting make-up on...ha what the??
anyway finally someone drives up to the drive thru, but she doesn't even leave!!
ha she just goes like oh crap and pulls her clear undershirt over her bootay...
ha that didn't help...
she sat there for at least a half an hour before she left...
and then returned an hour and half later....
with. a. man.

to be continued.

Monday, September 17, 2012


you wake up 10 minutes before you have to leave so you pull out your nifty glasses and dodger's hat.
or you decide to got to homecoming last minute.
& sometimes you have crappy days.

here's to a better tommorrow

p.s. hello megann!!;) hope youre having a fantastic monday.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

taco runs.

sometimes even though you may just spend an hour with someone..
it may completley change the outcome of your day.
i haven't laughed so hard in SO long.
thanks connor. :)

Friday, September 7, 2012

events of the current day.

#1- in second period today we watched a clip of princess diaries....best part? right with nick shows up on screen...jaylee lets out a OHhhh....you now a that girly noise that means he's hott i want him.....anyway she was meaning for a few ppl to hear...ha but the whole class basically looked over...ha so funny.

#2- in that same class period we were giving presentations...some of them gave us candy. jaylee brought food for the people of the class, and i bought us some reisens. because we obv deserved it. anyway, during this class period i think we both gained five pounds. seriously so much candy:)
i feel great about it.
while walking out of class jay and i were discussing how we are seriously gaining weight or something, and i'm all jay i'm seriously losing my abs. well this football jock is all, "youre losing your abs?" in his snotty little voice. and i'm just like DUH, you wish you had some....okay kidding i was just like yes, i am! ha, anyway is was quite embarrasing.

#3-KC. (is that supposed to be a G?) sorry inside joke. ha
i found i new one.
Today in seminary we were all going around telling everyone our names, and our favorite animal. along with this you had to either make the animal sound, or act your animal out.
so this goes on... you get the normal animals, duck, dog, fish, etc.

then towards the end you start getting interesting for example:
this girl stands up...my favorite animalll....well ugh..can i pick two? i'm really good at the sounds....well okay so my first is a kitten....before warning anyone she starts meowing....and she was doing it for a really long time and quite good. i was trying to hold the laughter in....seriously. her next one was a dog...and she just started barking.
that in itself pretty much made my day.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

mia moment #582

so here's a short backround story.
once upon a time my friends all graduated last year,
but apparently i'm still supposed to be in HS.
what i'm trying to get at is that i have like two friends....


today lunchtime rolled around and i sat down at an empty table.
a couple minutes later "friends" filled up the empty spaces.
and then slowly scattered around the lunchroom.
while i , completely content ,was left with good ole eric.
for a moment.
then he went off to look for his wallet,
and i was just there reading harry potter.

i felt great about it, really.

anyway as i'm minding my own buisness some dorkhead decides to chuck a ranch at my head....
okay so it probably was an accident...but let's be real. i looked like the biggest nerd. i could've been an EASY target.
well moments after this random girl comes over and tells me i have ranch alllll up in my herrr.

so basically that's my day.

invisible forever & always,

Saturday, September 1, 2012

for the laughs.

mia at her best:) and yes that is tigger on my right cheek.  crazy hair day?? pretty sure i won.

the funny thing is....like this was my absolute favorite year of school to date.
love the six grade.
yes, i said sixth.
(i had to say it twice due to misunderstanding as if maybe you were wondering if i was a homeless third grader)