Wednesday, April 23, 2014

meet the co-workers.

I drew an outline of desk placement to help everyone out a bit. The Lines represent the walls between each person. And when I say wall I really just mean a flimsy 4ft tall flimsy barrier. The gray rectangles represent where our computers or rather where our bodies are facing most of the day. I forgot to mention I work in answering customer service taking phone calls and then basically transferring them. hahah, click! anyway not important. The basis is for you to take a glimpse into each of my co-worker's personalities......

In the top left we have Tina. OH, Tina. She's the tiniest little woman with the thickest glasses. She used to sit in the spot to her left but the air vent above her was keeping her too cold.  I'm guessing she's in her early fifties. She's usually pretty quite but when she's heard she has the BEST laugh and tries to get Wyoming Boy and Crazy eyed Tom to laugh while taking phone calls. One time a customer called because his swiper wasn't working and Tina exclaimed, "Swiper no Swipey?" We all died. Her nick name is Tina basically because Crazy Eyed Tom named her Tina...He literally picked it up from Napoleon Dynamite. I overheard them talking to each other and Tina has never even seen ND. She doesn't even know the famous llama she's named after....what a pity.

Next we have Wyoming Boy. He's in his late twenties and is such the hick from WY.  He never fails to remind us telling funny/hickish stories about his parent's ranch up in Wyoming. He travels to Wyoming almost every weekend after work. He is surprisingly crafty and definitely the most witty. I don't know if there's a serious bone in his body. You would never guess since outwardly he comes off  fairly intimidating. He may be the hick of the group, but he really is just a big teddy bear. In my spare time I like to chuck rolled up sticky notes and chuck them at WY boy. I'd consider him the older brother role in the work area.

Crazy Eyed Tom: Tom could have so many nicknames. He's definitely the MOST outspoken. In his early thirties...I think he has two lazy eyes i'm not sure...But he's always SUPER DUPER enthusiastic or extremely  pissed off. Lucky for us he's usually pretty enthusiastic. Tom has me thinking that I have met someone who claps more than even myself (crazy, I know!) He also will give you high fives like it's his job and repeatedly tell you how awesome you are. Unless you wear your "I love Coke" shirt then he will then tell you how you must be screwy in the head. He's definitely one of those weird Pepsi fans. When Tom's out of the office it's definitely noticeable. He never afraid to toot his own horn. He kept on telling me how great of a baker he was and so on...and I said Tom, I don't believe you. (jokingly of course.) This scored me into tricking Tom to bake me one of his famous peanut butter bars to prove me wrong. ;) Haha, I can't wait to be proved wrong.

Krazie, Chatty, KATHY- This woman never stops talking. In all honestly though she's a very sweet person but definitely brings her quirks to the table. I feel as if she is one of those 5 year old girls stuck in a adult body (brings her gameboy to work...she's in her 30's)....She LOVES to share her candy/chocolate. Also, we're pretty sure chatty kathy has super speedy legs and is always on breaks. Gotta love her. She also, definitely wins the prize for best phone voice.

To my left we have Just Ron (26). He doesn't get a cool nickname yet because he's still new to the job. He could be called Junkie Ron (Adrenaline Junkie). Simply because he worked for the national guard and would jump out of airplanes and crazy things like that. He also tore his ACL playing a game of soccer/football who knows...but he lives for the Adrenaline rush.

To my right we have Turtle Neck Guy (20). I call him this because he always comes to work with multiple hickeys on his neck--without fail. He wears hoodies everyday to try and cover it up, but it never helps. Other than his hickeys though he can be one of the funnest coworkers. He joins me in singing the songs stuck in my head whether it's a theme song from an old disney channel show or Avril's Keeeeep Holding On. He gave me a dollar once to talk to someone in my british accent for the entire call. Today I earned three dollars by beating him guessing heads/tails for coin flipping...(yes, we were that bored). He also tries to scare me every five seconds and fails miserably every time. After scarring me for like the third time without a reaction he'll just look at me and say, "not even a little?" I usually say nope! But sometimes I'll say yes hoping that he'll stop trying so hard...EVERY two minutes...not exaggerating. Also, turtle neck guy stood up today and I couldn't believe how tall he was! sitting down on a chair all day can really trip you out. Apparently he's 6' 5'' more than a foot taller than me!

Working with all these crazies- including myself- of course makes for a rare dull moment. We're a crazy work family with such different personalities, but somehow it seems to all work out...(I put those periods there because by saying that I'm dooming myself for bad luck.) haven't had to the urge to quit yet!