Wednesday, March 27, 2013

happy birthday to the oldest MIA.

O Megann, remember that one time you asked me for a post like this?
well then, today is your lucky day.
Although, you may get on my nerves (a lot), and try to hug me 24/7....
You really are a great big sister. I want to thank you for being a wonderful example to me growing up.
I love how we laugh at ourselves together, because everyone knows that we're hilarious.
I love the way you love, love, love the gospel, and I know that you will have the greatest experiences in Indianapolis. I hope you convert fellow Mias:)
Well, Happy 21st sista.
I hope you had a birthday full of pork, laughter, and beer;)

I love ya,


 pure entertainment:

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harry potter!

had to.

why did I have to be the white sister? #askmyselfthateveryday




& of course the best for last. These are probably my favorite videos megann and I have ever recorded.



Friday, March 22, 2013

Other Mia in the Play

So I'm in Singin' in the Rain at the high school, and were required to sell 20 pre-sell tickets for Thursday and Friday nights. I sent out a couple mass texts and told some other friends and guess who bought tickets for tonight? Oh, just Rusty's entire family. And my prom group. ("Hey, guys, come watch me kiss Taft 8+ times tonight.")

(Also, I swear to you, my prom date does not exits in school. Ok that's a lie but seriously I NEVER see him... Or maybe he never sees me.... MIA. Also, that awkward moment when you're going on a sort of blind date to prom. Like, it's fine.)

This is gonna be a fun night. Well, we will see how it goes. Hopefully more to come.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Mia in the Play

Being a Mia you wouldn't ever think I should ever even try to be in a Play, but of course I am taking Drama for Elementary Education--and we are putting on a play.
It is a modern rendition of King Arthur and the Sword in the Stone. We wrote it, so obviously it's Awkward Artie and his Mission Call.

There were no auditions, we all just put who we might want to be on a card. I kind of wanted to be the main character Guenevere or Gwen for our play, but I didn't want to feel rejected if I didn't get that role. So I put first choice Artie's mom, second choice Gwen, and third choice, Artie's friend.

Next day get an email....oh. I'm not Artie's mom, I'm not Artie's friend..............and I'm not Gwen. WOW. I'm the waitress, and the sibling..and now I'm an awkward passerby as well. So.. my dreams of making it big time are out the window--even my classmates didn't pick me to be Guenevere. It's alright only shed 2 tears. Well come to my play it will make you all smile, and there's treats :)

Monday, March 18, 2013

mia in the market(s).

so this past weekend i was the fat kid and decided to take a trip to smiths. (by myself duh!) I was going to deposit my check, but of course i got there a little too late. Obviously i didn't drive all the up there for nothing, so i made my regular pitstop to the candy isle. I had only brought w/me a total of like $10 so not too much was on the line. Anywho, i was looking to get some more gum, always the 5 cobalt 3-pack, but then i realized that the price was much cheaper at wal-mart. So i walked away...only to find that w/my (mom's) smiths card i could get 2 packs of starburst's jelly beans for four dollars. What a steal! yes, i gave in. I also managed to purchase a cherry coke (.79), and then i was off. I did manage to say good-bye to the mamba's that were in my hand for a good five minutes though. i had to compromise somehow. (and i didn't even buy one single girlscout cookie....i sold sixxxxty boxes)

As i got into my vehicle i realized i must get my gum, so i drove over to walmart. Again, straight to the candy isle. And there they were my Cobalt 3-pack just waiting for me. $1.50 less than smith's which made them that much more special. I of course couldn't stop there, and had to purchase some riesens. (so freakin' good)

Well me being me...i guess i wound up in the potato section and saw some hashbrowns that looked like heaven. I call my mom up, who is at cosco at the time, (runs in the family) and ask her if she would pay me back if i purchased them. She said yes, and so i grabbed them. Mind you, i did not have my own cart or basket so i just look like the fastet teenage girl in that grocery store heaving around all my goodies. Hahaha that made me feel like my mia was starting to show, which obvioulsy made me nervous, so i made my way to the check-out line. Self check out that is. (yes, i like to check myself out) <<funny.

I get there and open my wallet, and realize that I am the fiend that only has like four dollars. Ahhh? what to sacrifice. ...sorry kids. the hashbrowns have got to go. I scan my gum and riesens, and I go through this mental battle in my head of do I leave the hashbrowns here, and run out the door leaving the next walmart fiends w/a little surprise? Do i pay, and then run back to the potato isle and leave them be.....or do i just pay for the gum and riesens and run w/my hashbrowns in hand hoping no one will notice me, which was a pretty good bet I might add.

Well obviously I went w/the last option (jokes, went with the 2nd), but I just felt like the biggest shmee for leaving my hasbrowns time mama will bring enough money for you.

p.s. i had just watched extreme couponing before heading on this journey

p.p.s. just because i got these riesens i consider this trip a total success
until next time,