Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Mia in the Play

Being a Mia you wouldn't ever think I should ever even try to be in a Play, but of course I am taking Drama for Elementary Education--and we are putting on a play.
It is a modern rendition of King Arthur and the Sword in the Stone. We wrote it, so obviously it's Awkward Artie and his Mission Call.

There were no auditions, we all just put who we might want to be on a card. I kind of wanted to be the main character Guenevere or Gwen for our play, but I didn't want to feel rejected if I didn't get that role. So I put first choice Artie's mom, second choice Gwen, and third choice, Artie's friend.

Next day get an email....oh. I'm not Artie's mom, I'm not Artie's friend..............and I'm not Gwen. WOW. I'm the waitress, and the sibling..and now I'm an awkward passerby as well. So.. my dreams of making it big time are out the window--even my classmates didn't pick me to be Guenevere. It's alright only shed 2 tears. Well come to my play it will make you all smile, and there's treats :)

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