Wednesday, March 27, 2013

happy birthday to the oldest MIA.

O Megann, remember that one time you asked me for a post like this?
well then, today is your lucky day.
Although, you may get on my nerves (a lot), and try to hug me 24/7....
You really are a great big sister. I want to thank you for being a wonderful example to me growing up.
I love how we laugh at ourselves together, because everyone knows that we're hilarious.
I love the way you love, love, love the gospel, and I know that you will have the greatest experiences in Indianapolis. I hope you convert fellow Mias:)
Well, Happy 21st sista.
I hope you had a birthday full of pork, laughter, and beer;)

I love ya,


 pure entertainment:

#hadtopostthispic #lovethecon #supsugly
harry potter!

had to.

why did I have to be the white sister? #askmyselfthateveryday




& of course the best for last. These are probably my favorite videos megann and I have ever recorded.