Monday, October 1, 2012

connor white.

i'm glad we all got over the fact that i was the freak on my mom's phone that night, and you were the fancy lookin' skinny kid.  & maybe after all these years we still are them. probably.

you'll be great. i know you'll have many adventures, and funny things to tell me while youre out in montana.
i hope you find hannah.
okay that was dumb...

i also just wanted to say thanks.
our friendship is probably one of the greatest most funniest thing that has ever happened to me.
this past week has been a blast. i hope you have finally conquered the suit pants delay, and i'm slightly dissapointed i never met the man.
i loved and miss the mornings to school with you, "cheer up charlie sKLASHdjf;lahjSDGF;l" get's me ever time.
which is theee only kind of contact you wanna be makin around here;)
know i'll be looking for the orange tie and customized connor ring.
& when i need to feel your presence i'll wear my livestrong wristband.

i'll miss you on my sunday nights:)


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