Sunday, September 7, 2014

Sunday Feels

Sundays are the best. Relaxation, remembering your covenants, and reflecting on what you do better this upcoming week. 

You rock,


Friday, September 5, 2014

What is good? What's poppin'

Well ever since school has started I've had a bit more time to myself! 

Well except for last week... Haha I hung out with my mains last Saturday. We went to see "If I Stay" which was so good. I had read the book and actually saw it earlier that week... But we still all bawled. So good and Adam's smokin

After drying our eye ducts we headed over to the cutest little cafe. We ordered our food and chit chatted like normal women. Austi's meal was the best. On the menu it was named three cheeses. Lol when it came out it was literally just cold cheese and little pieces of ham stuffed into a sandwich. Me and Marth died. Well I died, and Martha offered Austi her sandwich like five times. 

After finishing up our dinner we obviously had to order dessert. Austi and Marth both ordered the famous Nutella Shake and I ordered the classic strawberry and Nutella crepe. Diiiiivine

Skip forward to today. 

Shots. Shots. Shots.

Those three little nasties were worth it cause look what is real!
Ahhhh!!! Can my call just come in the mail?! So excited to see where the next year and a half of my life will take me. 

God is good. 



Thursday, September 4, 2014

Long time no post.

Holy cats. Life is crazy. But it's oh so good. 

This summer was probably the most eventful summer of my lifetime. And no I didn't travel far. Honestly. The farthest I went was probably two hours away. None the less, this was one of my craziest and favorite of summers. 

I made so many new friends! My new singles ward was my own little safe haven. So many fantastic people meet together in that old red brick building every Sunday. 

I got called as a second counselor of the relief society for this ward. When I was first called I was scared out of my pants. First of all, I'm literally the youngest person in this ward. Second, I know nobody. Fact- I sat by myself every week. When I was sitting across the room from the stake relief society second counselor my first week of being called she looked at me and said is there anything you're nervous about? 

I looked up and said honestly Sister Whitman I feel awkward reaching out to people because I still feel like people should be reaching out to me. The words that came out of her mouth changed my perspective from there on. She looked at me and said then you go out there and be the person you'd wished would've approached you. 

That calling ended being my favorite calling of all time. I grew to love all these girls so much. I wanted to help out in anyway that I could. I loved going to church each Sunday and looking over at all the bright smiling sisters. 

At the end of June we went up to my bishops cabin in Schofield. And when I say cabin I really just mean wooden mansion. This was my favorite weekend of all time. I finally let my guard down and was my crazy super spazzing wacky self. Woah, no one saw it coming. Ha, Emily put that away. I pretty much attached myself to the first counselor's hip who just so happened to be Martha. She was my saving grace. We did everything together. We bonded over slo mo videos, Harry Potter, and watermelon. The next day Martha's best friend, who also happens to be the relief society president, Austi came up to the cabin. I was always kinda scared to be friends with them because they already seemed inseparable (turns out I was right. I'm just that annoying friend that tries to put her two cents in every so often.) Lo and behold 24 hours later we're the best of friends. We all went horse back riding, shooting, and planned that evenings game all. Austi even felt comfortable enough to push me down the stairs, so I mean the friendship progress was real. 
That night me and Austi stayed up till two in the morning. We just talked and talked about EVERYTHING. I was in literal awe with Austi's answers and stories. We would've probably talked through the night if our trusty friend Grace didn't call us out for talking at two in the morning. Sorry to keep you up!

Moving on to July. Oh July, you really did start out with a bang didn't you? Let's just say that after the second week of July I had been sleeping over at Martha's and Austi's houses. They later got nicknamed my Mama Marth and Aunt Austi. And yes I still call them by these names:) I moved out to Provo a week later in the perfect complex. 

Later in the month of August Austi moved. Before her big move we had a music night. Probably one of my favorite memories from the summer. All my favorite people, good music, and even bigger laughs. 
I bought my first guitar, learned my first song, and bought my first personalized guitar strap. 

I really gained my motivation back this summer. Which was awesome. I feel like I haven't been truly self motivated ever since my beginning year as a senior year in high school. 

I dyed my virgin hair! What. Biggest life changer right? Haha it was a big deal for me though. 

Being isolated from my family and most friends I dug deep and decided that the mission life was my next step. I know what? I never thought a mission would fit into my life plans. But God sure showed me. I honestly can say though I've never been so excited to get out of little ole Utah to go serve. I am not saying I did this but. Okay I did, I literally watched two hours of YouTube videos of sisters opening up their mission calls. I know, I'm a nerd. I've also spent loads of time stalking down missionary blogs, outfits, and tackling my PMG. I submit my papers next week and I am pumped! 

Guys, life is so so crazy. But it's so awesome. I've never been happier. God lives and loves you. Do something crazy. Dye your virgin hair, move out, and get your own phone bill. It's the best way to really get to know yourself and grow. 

Love times a thousand, 


Wednesday, April 23, 2014

meet the co-workers.

I drew an outline of desk placement to help everyone out a bit. The Lines represent the walls between each person. And when I say wall I really just mean a flimsy 4ft tall flimsy barrier. The gray rectangles represent where our computers or rather where our bodies are facing most of the day. I forgot to mention I work in answering customer service taking phone calls and then basically transferring them. hahah, click! anyway not important. The basis is for you to take a glimpse into each of my co-worker's personalities......

In the top left we have Tina. OH, Tina. She's the tiniest little woman with the thickest glasses. She used to sit in the spot to her left but the air vent above her was keeping her too cold.  I'm guessing she's in her early fifties. She's usually pretty quite but when she's heard she has the BEST laugh and tries to get Wyoming Boy and Crazy eyed Tom to laugh while taking phone calls. One time a customer called because his swiper wasn't working and Tina exclaimed, "Swiper no Swipey?" We all died. Her nick name is Tina basically because Crazy Eyed Tom named her Tina...He literally picked it up from Napoleon Dynamite. I overheard them talking to each other and Tina has never even seen ND. She doesn't even know the famous llama she's named after....what a pity.

Next we have Wyoming Boy. He's in his late twenties and is such the hick from WY.  He never fails to remind us telling funny/hickish stories about his parent's ranch up in Wyoming. He travels to Wyoming almost every weekend after work. He is surprisingly crafty and definitely the most witty. I don't know if there's a serious bone in his body. You would never guess since outwardly he comes off  fairly intimidating. He may be the hick of the group, but he really is just a big teddy bear. In my spare time I like to chuck rolled up sticky notes and chuck them at WY boy. I'd consider him the older brother role in the work area.

Crazy Eyed Tom: Tom could have so many nicknames. He's definitely the MOST outspoken. In his early thirties...I think he has two lazy eyes i'm not sure...But he's always SUPER DUPER enthusiastic or extremely  pissed off. Lucky for us he's usually pretty enthusiastic. Tom has me thinking that I have met someone who claps more than even myself (crazy, I know!) He also will give you high fives like it's his job and repeatedly tell you how awesome you are. Unless you wear your "I love Coke" shirt then he will then tell you how you must be screwy in the head. He's definitely one of those weird Pepsi fans. When Tom's out of the office it's definitely noticeable. He never afraid to toot his own horn. He kept on telling me how great of a baker he was and so on...and I said Tom, I don't believe you. (jokingly of course.) This scored me into tricking Tom to bake me one of his famous peanut butter bars to prove me wrong. ;) Haha, I can't wait to be proved wrong.

Krazie, Chatty, KATHY- This woman never stops talking. In all honestly though she's a very sweet person but definitely brings her quirks to the table. I feel as if she is one of those 5 year old girls stuck in a adult body (brings her gameboy to work...she's in her 30's)....She LOVES to share her candy/chocolate. Also, we're pretty sure chatty kathy has super speedy legs and is always on breaks. Gotta love her. She also, definitely wins the prize for best phone voice.

To my left we have Just Ron (26). He doesn't get a cool nickname yet because he's still new to the job. He could be called Junkie Ron (Adrenaline Junkie). Simply because he worked for the national guard and would jump out of airplanes and crazy things like that. He also tore his ACL playing a game of soccer/football who knows...but he lives for the Adrenaline rush.

To my right we have Turtle Neck Guy (20). I call him this because he always comes to work with multiple hickeys on his neck--without fail. He wears hoodies everyday to try and cover it up, but it never helps. Other than his hickeys though he can be one of the funnest coworkers. He joins me in singing the songs stuck in my head whether it's a theme song from an old disney channel show or Avril's Keeeeep Holding On. He gave me a dollar once to talk to someone in my british accent for the entire call. Today I earned three dollars by beating him guessing heads/tails for coin flipping...(yes, we were that bored). He also tries to scare me every five seconds and fails miserably every time. After scarring me for like the third time without a reaction he'll just look at me and say, "not even a little?" I usually say nope! But sometimes I'll say yes hoping that he'll stop trying so hard...EVERY two minutes...not exaggerating. Also, turtle neck guy stood up today and I couldn't believe how tall he was! sitting down on a chair all day can really trip you out. Apparently he's 6' 5'' more than a foot taller than me!

Working with all these crazies- including myself- of course makes for a rare dull moment. We're a crazy work family with such different personalities, but somehow it seems to all work out...(I put those periods there because by saying that I'm dooming myself for bad luck.) haven't had to the urge to quit yet!


Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Lamp Melting and Other-Dumb-Things-I've-Done-Lately

So at college sometimes you have WAY different sleeping schedules than your roommate.

One night I got to bed way later than than my roommate so when I came in I was feeling all bad for the ruckus I was causing and for having my lamp on. Being the Mia I am, I threw my blanket over my lamp to block the light a little while I finished getting ready for bed...

A while passes and I'm all snuggled up in bed reading my scriptures when I smell something odd... something burning. I look over to my shelf and what do I see?! (For your information, it was NOT popcorn popping on the apricot tree.) Oh, just my blanket melting to my lamp.

Like no big deal, it's fine. It's the middle of the night, all my roommates are asleep and I nearly cause a house fire. I obviously could not freak out about it because it would wake up my roommate but what else was there to do? I had a baby little panic attack where stared at my mess and hyperventilated a little and decided to brave up and take action. I turned off the lamp, unplugged it, grabbed a flashlight, and peeled off the blanket from the melted plastic.

Luckily, the blanket wasn't hurt at all, (if you wondered, blankets are a high commodity to poor college students up here in freezing cold Logan, Utah) but the lamp was just a little distorted... guess I'm now in the market for a new one.

Oh, not to mention cleaning checks were the next morning so I had to hide my melted lamp from my RA so as not to be docked and/or fined.

Also, It seems like I am really not getting along with doors these days... I swear, there is this door in my building that whacks my back every time I go through it. The phrase "don't let the door hit you" has never made so much sense. And it seems like every time I approach a door, someone is already opening it on the other side! Take this occasion for example:

I was walking home from class, blasting my favorite Pandora station in my head phones and silently rocking out in my mind, as usual. I check my phone while simultaneously opening the door to my hall. I look up and WHAM! I run headlong into some random stranger guy I've never met.

Of course Random Stranger Guy scares the living day lights out of me so I, like, dramatically gasp for air and say,"you scared me!" to which that sassy little voice in my head replied, "Well, thank you, Captain Obvious, I'm sure he could tell by your dramatic air sucking." Random Stranger Guy of course, said nothing, looked at me like I was crazy (can't blame him for that one), and walked away.

As long as we're on this "dumb things I've done lately" streak, I gotta tell you about Angie's the other night.

So last week, roommates and I were really bored. One of my roommate's cousin was visiting and we wanted to do something fun so we decided to go to a corn maze out on the edge of town. There was seven of us total, so we split ourselves up between the two cars and were on our way.

We hardly made it around the block when one group has to pull over for car troubles. We took the car back to the parking lot and decide we still wanted to go to the corn maze. We had to hurry though, because someone heard that the last tickets were sold at 9. All seven of us piled into the working car, that fits four comfortably and legally, and set off again.

To make a long story short, we got lost. We wondered around, decided to switch to Plan B: a different haunted house place, which we couldn't find either, and then finally to Plan C: cleaning the sink at a restaurant called Angie's. (Let's remember that there were five girls crammed in the back seat loosing feeling in most limbs while all this wondering-about-town and going-through-the-Alphabet-of-Evening-Plans was happening.)

Now, with this "sink," I'm not talking taking bleach and a sponge to a legitimate kitchen sink in the restaurant or anything. I'm talking a sink full of ice cream sundae. If you can scrape it clean you get a bumper sticker, a picture on their bulletin board, a whole lot of pride, and generally a big stomach ache (especially if you're lactose intolerant like me).

It wasn't so bad between seven of us, but I can't say the ride home was any bit pleasant. But hey, it was one of those hard to forget nights because of it so, I guess it was worth it.

Guys, #collegelyfe is the funniest thing that's ever happened to me. Every day is a whole new adventure full of Mia's (like when Neighbor Guy called me "invisible". Yep, for reals, he did. I am Mia Thermopolis in real life.) but I can't complain, it's pretty great.



Thursday, September 26, 2013

college mias

1. Me and Caroline both have bunk beds and every time we jump down or make a loud sound we'll look at each other and whisper, "they heard that" referring to our downstairs neighbors.

2. Speaking of our downstairs neighbors....My friend Stephanie from downstairs asked me to go swimming with her the other night. I had just finished my hw, so was like, why not! Oh, not just regularly swimming, fetchin' LAP swimming. Apparently, Stephanie is like a swimming prodigy. Who knew? Not me. We get there and she grabs me some goggles and...wait for it.....a SWIM CAP. hahaha, I was dying. Not only was I going to suck, but I was going to look like a bald fool. Anyways, getting on the swim cap is the biggest task in itself, and I really wish we got it on tape. I would hold the front part to my forehead, then Stephanie was all, "1.2.3!" as she shoved it over my head, but failing in getting all my hair in it (can't be tamed). ugh, darn, should've snapped a pic. we finally got into the pool, and you can just imagine me being the biggest struggler. Stephanie would attempt to teach me these new moves one being how to do this dolphin kick. Which I sort of got, but not really. Her best advice to me was to "hump" the water. love. her.

3. So far, my English class is my most favorite. The teacher is the funniest person, and every time he walks into class he is always panting. Anyways, they're four girls that sit at my table, one being this girl named Tori. We had class Friday and tori informed us that she was excited to go camping over the weekend, fun times! Skip forward to Monday, the next assigned class, and no tori. Me and Sydnee were joking that Tori had died from camping (because tori is definitely a cheerleader, and cheerleaders don't camp). Next class, Wednesday, I arrive first among us girls, and soon after Tori shows up. "Tori! You're here! Me and Syd were joking that you had died camping, where were you?" Oh, I actually was in the ER. *awkwardness everywhere*

4. Once upon a time it was the first week of college and Emily rode her bike to class. She arrived at the Hinckley building, but in order to get to the bike rack there were two sets of stairs to get up. Ugh, great, she was already sweating. So basically I was that shmee that was maneuvering her bike up each step. Later, I realized that there was a slope RIGHT next to the stairs that I could've just ridden my bike up. I have an aura that just screams FRESHMAN.

5. Sydnee from my English class and I were walking home together yesterday (look at me making friends)! Anyways, as we're walking home we reach to where we split off and I start to say the usual like have a nice day, see ya! and I start to head toward this dorm. "don't you live in barnes?" Oh, right. Good thing for those almost friends that already know where you live (we had only walked home once before!) Anyway, super embarrassing on my part.

Saturday, September 7, 2013

the wisdie life.

i basically am, like, LITERALLY ^^^ the biggest fat kid. All I eat is ice cream, yogurt, and smoothies. 

The wisdie life does has it's perks though. I now own the funniest videos of myself that will make me laugh on any given bad day. I also get out of ALL my chores, and i send the best drunk texts, and have the best face times.

Like, really. I face timed marley and all i remember is:

a) she was going to dinner with our former co-worker AND
b) she was making fun of me for calling myself the third chipmunk to Chip n' Dale. (i proudly named myself Chunk)

so go get your wisdom teeth sucked out of you and go face-time erry one you know.

Thursday, August 22, 2013

car probs.

once upon a season, my car broke down.

and once upon a time, it died.
right in front of the JR. high. RIGHT after i dropped my little sister off.

after it died, i was SO embarrased because one: I'M IN THE MIDDLE OF THE ROAD, AT THE BUSIEST TIME OF DAY. two: I AM WEARING GLASSES, SOCKS AND SANDALS, AND MY SMOOTHIE KING SHIRT I WORE TO BED. (and i didn't even have the time or decency to brush my teeth) #yuck

so i get out of the car, and look at the guy behind me and mouth, "my car just died." he seemed to get the hint and got right out of his car to help me push it safety (he's a hero). I then had to ask to borrow his phone, because i forgot mine and called my dad over to the rescue.

the end.

Monday, August 19, 2013

oh, megann.

us mckendrick girls love our cupcakes!

it may not be a firehouse, but yes, she lives in the basement of a school house.

POISON IVY. (hehehehehe)
look at me in the basement! (so many lighting utensils)


Sunday, August 18, 2013

Stating the Facts.

I know there's only like two people that read this pre of a blog, but i'm bored so bare (bear?) w/me. hahaha

Well i thought i should state some facts about me.

1. I move out in 25 days. (!!!!!!!!) I have never wanted to go to school so bad, and my close friends are probably like emily you're so annoying all you ever talk about is how badly you want to move out. And i'm sorry (not sorry), because my whole life (includes premortal existence + 18 yrs) i've never felt SO close to independence. which brings me to my next fact --->

2. I have Second Child Syndrome. It's when you're the second child and you feel like you are a shadow to your older sibling, and you sometimes feel left out so you make yourself as noticeable as possible. (guilty) You may also be the select babysitter of your parents, and it sometimes sucks a little....

3. My best of friends/sister are serving the Lord in Montana, Indianapolis, Germany, and Mexico. (whoop, whoop!)

4. My best friend, former mia, moved out yesterday and i miss her lots. I saw her truck today, and it hurt a lot.

5. I may be the pickiest eater you'll ever know. My tongue will never voluntarily touch: tomatoes, broccoli, pickles, bananas, mustard, ketchup, shrimp, or any seafood for that matter...etc.

Well those are my 5 facts of the day. If you'd like some questions answered..well just comment (either one of you two!;) hahaha

oh, you wanted to see a snapshot of my week?

okay, fine, here was the best part of my day.

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

The Summer Romance. #failureoflife

Once upon a time Em and Mar had these cute little summer flings. Em's Redhead broke up with her on FB after like a week and Mar's got on a plane to go work in Mexico without saying a word.


biggest Mia of life.

Sunday, August 4, 2013

18 yrs.

15 yrs. ago I met a blonde haired girl. We had absolutely NOTHING in common. She was blonde, I was brunette. She liked dolls, I liked cars and hanging with the boys. However, they we were best friends. They would merely agree to disgree with their likes/dislikes and as the years went by the realized they had more in common than they thought. They eventually grew up, and side by side they worked, churched, laughed, cried, and of course just made fun, and made fun of each other the whole way through. This blonde girl I met 15yrs ago has ALWAYS been there for me. I'll always love her for that. Happy Birthday, Marley.

the brunette.

can we all just take a moment to take in all the awkardness of this photo

this is what we do 98% of the time we're together.

for no eyebrows i'd say i look pretty good. And the fact we're at girls' camp

stank face? she wins. always.

10 yrs. 
hoorah for best friends.

here's to another 60 yrs of friendship.