Thursday, September 26, 2013

college mias

1. Me and Caroline both have bunk beds and every time we jump down or make a loud sound we'll look at each other and whisper, "they heard that" referring to our downstairs neighbors.

2. Speaking of our downstairs neighbors....My friend Stephanie from downstairs asked me to go swimming with her the other night. I had just finished my hw, so was like, why not! Oh, not just regularly swimming, fetchin' LAP swimming. Apparently, Stephanie is like a swimming prodigy. Who knew? Not me. We get there and she grabs me some goggles and...wait for it.....a SWIM CAP. hahaha, I was dying. Not only was I going to suck, but I was going to look like a bald fool. Anyways, getting on the swim cap is the biggest task in itself, and I really wish we got it on tape. I would hold the front part to my forehead, then Stephanie was all, "1.2.3!" as she shoved it over my head, but failing in getting all my hair in it (can't be tamed). ugh, darn, should've snapped a pic. we finally got into the pool, and you can just imagine me being the biggest struggler. Stephanie would attempt to teach me these new moves one being how to do this dolphin kick. Which I sort of got, but not really. Her best advice to me was to "hump" the water. love. her.

3. So far, my English class is my most favorite. The teacher is the funniest person, and every time he walks into class he is always panting. Anyways, they're four girls that sit at my table, one being this girl named Tori. We had class Friday and tori informed us that she was excited to go camping over the weekend, fun times! Skip forward to Monday, the next assigned class, and no tori. Me and Sydnee were joking that Tori had died from camping (because tori is definitely a cheerleader, and cheerleaders don't camp). Next class, Wednesday, I arrive first among us girls, and soon after Tori shows up. "Tori! You're here! Me and Syd were joking that you had died camping, where were you?" Oh, I actually was in the ER. *awkwardness everywhere*

4. Once upon a time it was the first week of college and Emily rode her bike to class. She arrived at the Hinckley building, but in order to get to the bike rack there were two sets of stairs to get up. Ugh, great, she was already sweating. So basically I was that shmee that was maneuvering her bike up each step. Later, I realized that there was a slope RIGHT next to the stairs that I could've just ridden my bike up. I have an aura that just screams FRESHMAN.

5. Sydnee from my English class and I were walking home together yesterday (look at me making friends)! Anyways, as we're walking home we reach to where we split off and I start to say the usual like have a nice day, see ya! and I start to head toward this dorm. "don't you live in barnes?" Oh, right. Good thing for those almost friends that already know where you live (we had only walked home once before!) Anyway, super embarrassing on my part.

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