Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Lamp Melting and Other-Dumb-Things-I've-Done-Lately

So at college sometimes you have WAY different sleeping schedules than your roommate.

One night I got to bed way later than than my roommate so when I came in I was feeling all bad for the ruckus I was causing and for having my lamp on. Being the Mia I am, I threw my blanket over my lamp to block the light a little while I finished getting ready for bed...

A while passes and I'm all snuggled up in bed reading my scriptures when I smell something odd... something burning. I look over to my shelf and what do I see?! (For your information, it was NOT popcorn popping on the apricot tree.) Oh, just my blanket melting to my lamp.

Like no big deal, it's fine. It's the middle of the night, all my roommates are asleep and I nearly cause a house fire. I obviously could not freak out about it because it would wake up my roommate but what else was there to do? I had a baby little panic attack where stared at my mess and hyperventilated a little and decided to brave up and take action. I turned off the lamp, unplugged it, grabbed a flashlight, and peeled off the blanket from the melted plastic.

Luckily, the blanket wasn't hurt at all, (if you wondered, blankets are a high commodity to poor college students up here in freezing cold Logan, Utah) but the lamp was just a little distorted... guess I'm now in the market for a new one.

Oh, not to mention cleaning checks were the next morning so I had to hide my melted lamp from my RA so as not to be docked and/or fined.

Also, It seems like I am really not getting along with doors these days... I swear, there is this door in my building that whacks my back every time I go through it. The phrase "don't let the door hit you" has never made so much sense. And it seems like every time I approach a door, someone is already opening it on the other side! Take this occasion for example:

I was walking home from class, blasting my favorite Pandora station in my head phones and silently rocking out in my mind, as usual. I check my phone while simultaneously opening the door to my hall. I look up and WHAM! I run headlong into some random stranger guy I've never met.

Of course Random Stranger Guy scares the living day lights out of me so I, like, dramatically gasp for air and say,"you scared me!" to which that sassy little voice in my head replied, "Well, thank you, Captain Obvious, I'm sure he could tell by your dramatic air sucking." Random Stranger Guy of course, said nothing, looked at me like I was crazy (can't blame him for that one), and walked away.

As long as we're on this "dumb things I've done lately" streak, I gotta tell you about Angie's the other night.

So last week, roommates and I were really bored. One of my roommate's cousin was visiting and we wanted to do something fun so we decided to go to a corn maze out on the edge of town. There was seven of us total, so we split ourselves up between the two cars and were on our way.

We hardly made it around the block when one group has to pull over for car troubles. We took the car back to the parking lot and decide we still wanted to go to the corn maze. We had to hurry though, because someone heard that the last tickets were sold at 9. All seven of us piled into the working car, that fits four comfortably and legally, and set off again.

To make a long story short, we got lost. We wondered around, decided to switch to Plan B: a different haunted house place, which we couldn't find either, and then finally to Plan C: cleaning the sink at a restaurant called Angie's. (Let's remember that there were five girls crammed in the back seat loosing feeling in most limbs while all this wondering-about-town and going-through-the-Alphabet-of-Evening-Plans was happening.)

Now, with this "sink," I'm not talking taking bleach and a sponge to a legitimate kitchen sink in the restaurant or anything. I'm talking a sink full of ice cream sundae. If you can scrape it clean you get a bumper sticker, a picture on their bulletin board, a whole lot of pride, and generally a big stomach ache (especially if you're lactose intolerant like me).

It wasn't so bad between seven of us, but I can't say the ride home was any bit pleasant. But hey, it was one of those hard to forget nights because of it so, I guess it was worth it.

Guys, #collegelyfe is the funniest thing that's ever happened to me. Every day is a whole new adventure full of Mia's (like when Neighbor Guy called me "invisible". Yep, for reals, he did. I am Mia Thermopolis in real life.) but I can't complain, it's pretty great.



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