Monday, April 22, 2013

Gas Moment.

& no, not the flatulence kind. Gross.
I'm talking about the expensive car kind.

So the story goes I was driving my dad's car a lot, because he was out of town. Well on the way to work on friday I see that the gas light was on.  Welllll me not being used to my dad's car i thought everything was fine, and that I could just fill up the gas tank tomorrow before I went to work on Saturday. It really was a valid thought because my  mom's car runs on her gas light for lightyears....

Anyways, saturday comes along and I go out for gas. I start the car up, and I can feel the car kind of having a hard time....Well I start on my journey trying to cruise my way to Cosco. FAIL.

On the way to Cosco you have to go over this hill. So i was like this could be good i can use the momentum from going down the hill and make my way up. Well I go up, but that's about all I got. I can push the gas pedal, but nothing's happening. so i pull over before I become dead meat. And I just so happened to be pulled over right in front of my really good friend's house, but with my luck she was across the i contact her little sister who just so happened to be in Orem at a soccer game.

(this is me contemplating my worth while waiting to be rescued.)

Who do I call next?

My fellow Mia, obviously.

And of course, she doesn't even judge me..and hauls her truck over to my destination.
 (she's the greatest)

We fill up the gas can, drive it back to my car, and i then i drive back over to Cosco to fill my tank up.

Little did i know the Mia I was going to have while filling up my car....

So i get out, and I'm standing by the car and I can seriously feel this old man just STARRING at me...I try to ignore him by acting busy with my phone, but he finally just says, "So your pants are really tight, how do you get them on?" Um What did you just say?? is what went through my mind but I simply replied, "Oh you know, there's a bigger hole at the top"

And then I just drove away still in shock about the craziest day that had just happened. & it was only 2 o'clock.

Thanks Maaaalay. You da best. I'll be there when you're having some truck problems:)

Friday, April 19, 2013

The other Mia's prom: round one

Prom guys. It was crazy.
So, like Emily, I was also set up on a blind date for Sr. Prom. Which was surprisingly way fun. Who knew?!
Mia's? There were PLENTY. So here's what happened:

The day date. He picked me up at 2:45 after school on Friday got out and we headed up to Heather's grandpa's ranch, which is an hour away. The drive went well, a tad bit of awkward silence but that was alright. Also, my date doesn't listen to music. Like ever. I know, I couldn't fathom the idea. So that was a bit uncomfortable, but luckily, he asked any one if they wanted to hook up their iPod in the last 30 ish minutes of the drive. And man, my hand shot up faster than Hermione Granger's in first year Potions class.
We got to the ranch and the first item on the agenda? Shooting. Don't get me wrong, I actually think shooting is really fun! I don't have any issues with guns at all. But this was shooting clay pigeons, the kind you throw into the air, in front of a bunch of people I hardly knew who were good at this sort of thing. Oh well, I gave it a shot anyway. (Haha, get it?) I didn't COMPLETELY shame my family name, I'll tell you that much. (My family is way into that kind of thing too, I used to have a great shot but now I'm pretty out of practice.) I hit the first one!! ... The rest was kind of a blur, but I know I hit that first one! And no body died, so that was good too.
Next up? A ride through the canyon. Not too much to say about that except it was beautiful. Two of the couples drove four wheelers and my date and I as well as one other couple, drove side-by-sides. His was way nice and all the other guys wanted to take it for a spin but he didn't let any one-- except me!! That was way fun. And I didn't crash it!
After the ride, dinner. The boys were super cute and prepared and got straight to work. Alright, lets back up a few hours shall we? One hour before he picked me up, I was on a field trip (it was the strangest thing, but that's a story for another day.) and during the last hour of it (one hour before my date picked me up) I had finished off one entire bottle of water and another entire bottle of diet coke. Bad move, Marley. Fast forward! Standing outside the little cabin watching my date at the grill and chatting with him, Heather, and her date. I was literally about to pee my pants. It's questionable whether or not I've ever had to go so bad. I held it for so long before finally asking Heather if there was a bathroom around. We ended up driving up the hill to her aunt's house, which was a little awkward, but that's alright. At least I didn't have to worry about that anymore!!
Next was s'mores. No big deal, right? Right. Because we had had a practice date of sorts a couple weeks ago where we went up AF canyon to have s'mores and already figured out that I sucked at roasting and he sucked and breaking graham crackers. So, my date and I did what we were good at. We made a pretty good team, and an even better s'more.
We cleaned up at around 10:45 ish and got ready for the drive home. I was WAY exhausted. And also, State drama competition was in the morning at 7! There was no way I was staying awake this whole ride home. Ok, basically I was out cold before we got out of the canyon. But hey, so was the other couple in our car so I didn't feel that bad about it. I woke up for a few times throughout the ride and during one, I heard my date say "oh shoot, that was the exit." I didn't think much of it, I didn't even say a word! Just re-situated and went back to sleep, I trusted him to get us home safe, I mean come on, Utah freeways aren't that difficult to re-navigate. Next thing I know we're driving around this little Main Street looking place of some town. All of us kind of stirred into a wakeful state and asked where we were. "Oh, just missed the exit, just gotta turn around here and we'll be back on the freeway." Oh, ok. No prob. So we pull into a parking lot, flip around, and go to turn left to get into the lane to the freeway. (There are no warning signs or street markings agains turning left or anything.) So we turn. And I swear to you my body was 6 inches off that seat. We had hit the median!! You know, just the little tiny curb kind in the middle of the road. But holy cow, if we were ever asleep, you'd never know. We pulled over on the on ramp to discover that we had two flat tires on the trailer (did I tell you we were toeing that side-by-side I told you about earlier?). So there we are, at midnight, stuck on the side of the freeway with two flat tires, one spare, and a broken jack. What an adventure!! We ended up having to wait an hour for his dad to come up with the other spare and a new jack. That one hour was like the most Mia part of the whole day. My date got upset with himself and like, what was I supposed to do? I hardly knew this kid! Do I just not say anything and let him wallow in self pity? Try to laugh it off? Comfort him? Entertain? Distract him and talk his ear off? I had no idea what to do, so I pretty much tried it all. I totally made a fool of myself in the process, but later he thanked me for it so I guess it worked? ANYWAY, I got home around 2, and to sleep at 2:30.
(And yes, I definitely woke up at 6:30!the next morning for state.)

Sorry for the lengthy-ness.... to be continued.

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Prom People.

Guys, I did it! And to be honest it was sooo much fun. Javen was such a cool kid, and I didn't even embarrass myself that much.

scotty even kissed me, and told me I was a princess.

Sunday, April 7, 2013

prom for the mia.

Mia being Mia she did not in her wildest thoughts believe she was going to prom....because Mia does not talk to boys. boys have cooties, and are weird. Especially in High School.

Nontheless, at about 1:30 i was summoned by my sister hannah exclaiming that the Easter bunny was here for me, and was waiting at the door.  let it be known that my outfit consisted of glasses, cavemen P.E. shirt, and my super soft and fluffy cupcake PJ pants. Was my hair done? Definitely not.

I go upstairs, and she wasn't kidding. In a fully outfited bunny costume, is well, a bunny.

haha i was in total shock. he didn't say a word, and just handed me a stack of plates.

WHAT? <-enter a really confused emily face here.

okay, bye?

*he then proceeds to hop to his jeep* literally hopping*

i get a stack full of plates with cookies that spell out the word PROM?

I keep searching for clues, and then finally on the last plate i find this.
I had no clue who Javen was, but proceeded to call the given #. Only to be sent immediately to the voice machine,"this is the bunny waitlist, this is Javen"



well, during intermission i found out who this guy was! haha, a friend of my co-worker Porter.

& decided to answer him back.

emily style duh!!


emily style:
so i get to his door, and his cute little sister answers. I ask for Javen, and she is seriously so scared right now. haha poor thing. Anyway, the father comes to the rescue, but informs me that Javen is asleep. um AWK. okay, welllll i'll just sit here...waiting like the mia that i am.

*Meanwhile my family is sitting in the car, FILMING me. When i told them to park down the street. What turds.*

So he finally shows up to the door, and i look like little miss duck face. I hand him over an egg which has my answer rolled up inside. "yes, i'll be your chick for prom!"

Pretty sure it was the awkest interaction of my entire existence.
& we got it on tape.

prom should be fun.


did i mention that it's this Saturday?