Sunday, April 7, 2013

prom for the mia.

Mia being Mia she did not in her wildest thoughts believe she was going to prom....because Mia does not talk to boys. boys have cooties, and are weird. Especially in High School.

Nontheless, at about 1:30 i was summoned by my sister hannah exclaiming that the Easter bunny was here for me, and was waiting at the door.  let it be known that my outfit consisted of glasses, cavemen P.E. shirt, and my super soft and fluffy cupcake PJ pants. Was my hair done? Definitely not.

I go upstairs, and she wasn't kidding. In a fully outfited bunny costume, is well, a bunny.

haha i was in total shock. he didn't say a word, and just handed me a stack of plates.

WHAT? <-enter a really confused emily face here.

okay, bye?

*he then proceeds to hop to his jeep* literally hopping*

i get a stack full of plates with cookies that spell out the word PROM?

I keep searching for clues, and then finally on the last plate i find this.
I had no clue who Javen was, but proceeded to call the given #. Only to be sent immediately to the voice machine,"this is the bunny waitlist, this is Javen"



well, during intermission i found out who this guy was! haha, a friend of my co-worker Porter.

& decided to answer him back.

emily style duh!!


emily style:
so i get to his door, and his cute little sister answers. I ask for Javen, and she is seriously so scared right now. haha poor thing. Anyway, the father comes to the rescue, but informs me that Javen is asleep. um AWK. okay, welllll i'll just sit here...waiting like the mia that i am.

*Meanwhile my family is sitting in the car, FILMING me. When i told them to park down the street. What turds.*

So he finally shows up to the door, and i look like little miss duck face. I hand him over an egg which has my answer rolled up inside. "yes, i'll be your chick for prom!"

Pretty sure it was the awkest interaction of my entire existence.
& we got it on tape.

prom should be fun.


did i mention that it's this Saturday?


  1. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA YESSSSS!! Yay for blind prom dates! This could not get any better :)

  2. hahaha yess!!!! best ask and answer ever!