Monday, April 22, 2013

Gas Moment.

& no, not the flatulence kind. Gross.
I'm talking about the expensive car kind.

So the story goes I was driving my dad's car a lot, because he was out of town. Well on the way to work on friday I see that the gas light was on.  Welllll me not being used to my dad's car i thought everything was fine, and that I could just fill up the gas tank tomorrow before I went to work on Saturday. It really was a valid thought because my  mom's car runs on her gas light for lightyears....

Anyways, saturday comes along and I go out for gas. I start the car up, and I can feel the car kind of having a hard time....Well I start on my journey trying to cruise my way to Cosco. FAIL.

On the way to Cosco you have to go over this hill. So i was like this could be good i can use the momentum from going down the hill and make my way up. Well I go up, but that's about all I got. I can push the gas pedal, but nothing's happening. so i pull over before I become dead meat. And I just so happened to be pulled over right in front of my really good friend's house, but with my luck she was across the i contact her little sister who just so happened to be in Orem at a soccer game.

(this is me contemplating my worth while waiting to be rescued.)

Who do I call next?

My fellow Mia, obviously.

And of course, she doesn't even judge me..and hauls her truck over to my destination.
 (she's the greatest)

We fill up the gas can, drive it back to my car, and i then i drive back over to Cosco to fill my tank up.

Little did i know the Mia I was going to have while filling up my car....

So i get out, and I'm standing by the car and I can seriously feel this old man just STARRING at me...I try to ignore him by acting busy with my phone, but he finally just says, "So your pants are really tight, how do you get them on?" Um What did you just say?? is what went through my mind but I simply replied, "Oh you know, there's a bigger hole at the top"

And then I just drove away still in shock about the craziest day that had just happened. & it was only 2 o'clock.

Thanks Maaaalay. You da best. I'll be there when you're having some truck problems:)

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  1. haha this made me laugh out loud. Who is this mann?????? Your pants are really tight, how do you get them on....ummm there's a bigger hole at the top. Ummmm what???! hahahahha