Sunday, August 18, 2013

Stating the Facts.

I know there's only like two people that read this pre of a blog, but i'm bored so bare (bear?) w/me. hahaha

Well i thought i should state some facts about me.

1. I move out in 25 days. (!!!!!!!!) I have never wanted to go to school so bad, and my close friends are probably like emily you're so annoying all you ever talk about is how badly you want to move out. And i'm sorry (not sorry), because my whole life (includes premortal existence + 18 yrs) i've never felt SO close to independence. which brings me to my next fact --->

2. I have Second Child Syndrome. It's when you're the second child and you feel like you are a shadow to your older sibling, and you sometimes feel left out so you make yourself as noticeable as possible. (guilty) You may also be the select babysitter of your parents, and it sometimes sucks a little....

3. My best of friends/sister are serving the Lord in Montana, Indianapolis, Germany, and Mexico. (whoop, whoop!)

4. My best friend, former mia, moved out yesterday and i miss her lots. I saw her truck today, and it hurt a lot.

5. I may be the pickiest eater you'll ever know. My tongue will never voluntarily touch: tomatoes, broccoli, pickles, bananas, mustard, ketchup, shrimp, or any seafood for that matter...etc.

Well those are my 5 facts of the day. If you'd like some questions answered..well just comment (either one of you two!;) hahaha

oh, you wanted to see a snapshot of my week?

okay, fine, here was the best part of my day.

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