Sunday, August 4, 2013

18 yrs.

15 yrs. ago I met a blonde haired girl. We had absolutely NOTHING in common. She was blonde, I was brunette. She liked dolls, I liked cars and hanging with the boys. However, they we were best friends. They would merely agree to disgree with their likes/dislikes and as the years went by the realized they had more in common than they thought. They eventually grew up, and side by side they worked, churched, laughed, cried, and of course just made fun, and made fun of each other the whole way through. This blonde girl I met 15yrs ago has ALWAYS been there for me. I'll always love her for that. Happy Birthday, Marley.

the brunette.

can we all just take a moment to take in all the awkardness of this photo

this is what we do 98% of the time we're together.

for no eyebrows i'd say i look pretty good. And the fact we're at girls' camp

stank face? she wins. always.

10 yrs. 
hoorah for best friends.

here's to another 60 yrs of friendship.

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