Thursday, September 4, 2014

Long time no post.

Holy cats. Life is crazy. But it's oh so good. 

This summer was probably the most eventful summer of my lifetime. And no I didn't travel far. Honestly. The farthest I went was probably two hours away. None the less, this was one of my craziest and favorite of summers. 

I made so many new friends! My new singles ward was my own little safe haven. So many fantastic people meet together in that old red brick building every Sunday. 

I got called as a second counselor of the relief society for this ward. When I was first called I was scared out of my pants. First of all, I'm literally the youngest person in this ward. Second, I know nobody. Fact- I sat by myself every week. When I was sitting across the room from the stake relief society second counselor my first week of being called she looked at me and said is there anything you're nervous about? 

I looked up and said honestly Sister Whitman I feel awkward reaching out to people because I still feel like people should be reaching out to me. The words that came out of her mouth changed my perspective from there on. She looked at me and said then you go out there and be the person you'd wished would've approached you. 

That calling ended being my favorite calling of all time. I grew to love all these girls so much. I wanted to help out in anyway that I could. I loved going to church each Sunday and looking over at all the bright smiling sisters. 

At the end of June we went up to my bishops cabin in Schofield. And when I say cabin I really just mean wooden mansion. This was my favorite weekend of all time. I finally let my guard down and was my crazy super spazzing wacky self. Woah, no one saw it coming. Ha, Emily put that away. I pretty much attached myself to the first counselor's hip who just so happened to be Martha. She was my saving grace. We did everything together. We bonded over slo mo videos, Harry Potter, and watermelon. The next day Martha's best friend, who also happens to be the relief society president, Austi came up to the cabin. I was always kinda scared to be friends with them because they already seemed inseparable (turns out I was right. I'm just that annoying friend that tries to put her two cents in every so often.) Lo and behold 24 hours later we're the best of friends. We all went horse back riding, shooting, and planned that evenings game all. Austi even felt comfortable enough to push me down the stairs, so I mean the friendship progress was real. 
That night me and Austi stayed up till two in the morning. We just talked and talked about EVERYTHING. I was in literal awe with Austi's answers and stories. We would've probably talked through the night if our trusty friend Grace didn't call us out for talking at two in the morning. Sorry to keep you up!

Moving on to July. Oh July, you really did start out with a bang didn't you? Let's just say that after the second week of July I had been sleeping over at Martha's and Austi's houses. They later got nicknamed my Mama Marth and Aunt Austi. And yes I still call them by these names:) I moved out to Provo a week later in the perfect complex. 

Later in the month of August Austi moved. Before her big move we had a music night. Probably one of my favorite memories from the summer. All my favorite people, good music, and even bigger laughs. 
I bought my first guitar, learned my first song, and bought my first personalized guitar strap. 

I really gained my motivation back this summer. Which was awesome. I feel like I haven't been truly self motivated ever since my beginning year as a senior year in high school. 

I dyed my virgin hair! What. Biggest life changer right? Haha it was a big deal for me though. 

Being isolated from my family and most friends I dug deep and decided that the mission life was my next step. I know what? I never thought a mission would fit into my life plans. But God sure showed me. I honestly can say though I've never been so excited to get out of little ole Utah to go serve. I am not saying I did this but. Okay I did, I literally watched two hours of YouTube videos of sisters opening up their mission calls. I know, I'm a nerd. I've also spent loads of time stalking down missionary blogs, outfits, and tackling my PMG. I submit my papers next week and I am pumped! 

Guys, life is so so crazy. But it's so awesome. I've never been happier. God lives and loves you. Do something crazy. Dye your virgin hair, move out, and get your own phone bill. It's the best way to really get to know yourself and grow. 

Love times a thousand, 


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