Friday, September 7, 2012

events of the current day.

#1- in second period today we watched a clip of princess part? right with nick shows up on screen...jaylee lets out a now a that girly noise that means he's hott i want him.....anyway she was meaning for a few ppl to hear...ha but the whole class basically looked over...ha so funny.

#2- in that same class period we were giving presentations...some of them gave us candy. jaylee brought food for the people of the class, and i bought us some reisens. because we obv deserved it. anyway, during this class period i think we both gained five pounds. seriously so much candy:)
i feel great about it.
while walking out of class jay and i were discussing how we are seriously gaining weight or something, and i'm all jay i'm seriously losing my abs. well this football jock is all, "youre losing your abs?" in his snotty little voice. and i'm just like DUH, you wish you had some....okay kidding i was just like yes, i am! ha, anyway is was quite embarrasing.

#3-KC. (is that supposed to be a G?) sorry inside joke. ha
i found i new one.
Today in seminary we were all going around telling everyone our names, and our favorite animal. along with this you had to either make the animal sound, or act your animal out.
so this goes on... you get the normal animals, duck, dog, fish, etc.

then towards the end you start getting interesting for example:
this girl stands favorite animalll....well ugh..can i pick two? i'm really good at the sounds....well okay so my first is a kitten....before warning anyone she starts meowing....and she was doing it for a really long time and quite good. i was trying to hold the laughter in....seriously. her next one was a dog...and she just started barking.
that in itself pretty much made my day.

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  1. poor abs. you guys never answer the phone. angry.