Wednesday, September 5, 2012

mia moment #582

so here's a short backround story.
once upon a time my friends all graduated last year,
but apparently i'm still supposed to be in HS.
what i'm trying to get at is that i have like two friends....


today lunchtime rolled around and i sat down at an empty table.
a couple minutes later "friends" filled up the empty spaces.
and then slowly scattered around the lunchroom.
while i , completely content ,was left with good ole eric.
for a moment.
then he went off to look for his wallet,
and i was just there reading harry potter.

i felt great about it, really.

anyway as i'm minding my own buisness some dorkhead decides to chuck a ranch at my head....
okay so it probably was an accident...but let's be real. i looked like the biggest nerd. i could've been an EASY target.
well moments after this random girl comes over and tells me i have ranch alllll up in my herrr.

so basically that's my day.

invisible forever & always,