Tuesday, September 18, 2012

buttcrack lady.

i can't believe i forgot to tell you guys about her!!

okay so last like thursday me, natalie, and this kid named ryan were all working.
it was pretty slow so we were all occupied in the back...
well then i got bored so i wandered up to the front...
where i looked out the drive through and saw the most disturbing looking thing....in fact i had to take a double take to make sure i wasn't just so bored that i was seeing things...
anyway i start to laugh so hard and i go back and tell natalie to come look outside.
well just perched right infront of the drive thru is this 20ish old blondie with seventy-five percent of her rear showing.
i was dying.
and like hellllo??
what is she thinking..
ha so we're just like what the heck what do we do??
and basically she's sitting there just getting ready for the day brushing her hair, and putting make-up on...ha what the??
anyway finally someone drives up to the drive thru, but she doesn't even leave!!
ha she just goes like oh crap and pulls her clear undershirt over her bootay...
ha that didn't help...
she sat there for at least a half an hour before she left...
and then returned an hour and half later....
with. a. man.

to be continued.


  1. i just peed a little reading this. too too pleased.