Tuesday, September 25, 2012


Ways to win your heart, songs you sing in the shower, 
items you lust after, words/phrases that make you laugh 
and reasons to hate you. 

ways to win my heart:
1. laugh at my jokes.
2.be yourself with me, and let me be me.
3. be there when i call you up.
4. listen
5. make me laugh; alot.

songs i sing in the shower:
1. Taylor Swift. Period.
2. I'm on top of the World
3. I've got a lovely bunch of coconuts
4. can you meet me half way...
5. hannah montatna duh

items i lust after:
2. my very own phone
3. car
4. cute watches
5. anything potter

phrases that make me laugh:
1. potato salad
2. o.my.rowling.
3. what the chinese??
4. schmeee!!
5. of course it's chonchie

reasons to hate me:
1. i have been to hp world
2. i'm hilarious
3. i can peel three bannanas at a time.
4. kelly clarkson held my hand
5. i have theee coolest/weird/awkward/funny/awesome people as my friends.

wanna wrap you up...
wannna kiss your schmeee


  1. hahah love it. and I get the last part in the tiny print. really proud of myself actually.

  2. k you do not even get it at all...ha