Friday, July 20, 2012

meet the sister.

guys my sister is probably one of the reasons i'm so mia prone. i looked up to her in so many ways...well maybe i should change that;)

example #1

megann to my mom and i: guys guess what i finally figured out what a house number is...i used to always just type in my address.

me:'d you not know? it's in the name...ha!!

megann: i bet lots of ppl don't get it for a while...

mind you this girl is 20.

example #2

my sister and I work at smoothie king... yesterday we were working together. (megann is having problems with her back,hips, and arms..basically she's a 90 year old women) So megann's in the back trying to fix the blenders, and i 'm like..

em: okay i'm the handy person here.
megann: no i'm the handi one...(ten seconds later) o you mean that kinda handy...

haha gotta love her.

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  1. Love this!!!!

    Don't worry just putting off homework and reading the blog