Thursday, May 9, 2013

Fat Kid's Nightmare.

Once upon a time I made a best friend in the worst seminary class, with the BIGGEST mia as a teacher.

Me and this best friend decided we would visit each other at work.

Yesterday was my turn.

I show up, and surprise her! *happy hands*

I ordered a BLT, and i got a free combo meal because my best friend is the best. (all my besties are.)

Fast Forward 20 minutes and it's time for me to get back home.

I still have half of my food leftover, so i ask for a box to put my food in.

Let it be known that 2 minutes before this Mia I was expalining to her that i had a Mia blog with Marley where we would post all our struggle moments......

As, I'm getting into my car I put the box on the hood and hurry and put my coke in the cup holder before teh box could....

whoops, too late.

did my bff sid witness the entire situation through the window...

you betcha.

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  1. Oh, my goodness gracious!!! Funniest moment ever!!