Thursday, November 1, 2012

mia as of late.

mia #1- for my second period class i'm a T.A for foods. Sometimes Ms. Pallas has me go into the sewing room and to do little tasks. so here i am in the sowing room all alone when suddenly i hear someone coming in... well it's this little old lady janitor, and she just starts talking to me about how i probably was wondering who was coming in...blah i finish my tasks and exit that awkward situation...well yesterday i was going to the bathroom and guess who was in there?? yep. her. so i was like this is awkward using the bathroom while she's the only one in here, and the fact that she was cleaning it. So my thinking was if i just washed my hands i wouldn't look like a total noob for just walking in seeing her and walking out. so i go to wash my hands when she yells, "NO! Stop!!" so pretty much she stopped me from this sanitzer she was putting i was about to leave when she was like o you can use it after i wipe it off for ya...okay.
so i washed my hands, and left to the bathroom 50 paces away. i seriously see that lady so much. so awwwwwwwwwwk.

mia#2- this one is like an exact example of what happened in princess diaries... so classy.
so me and jaylee are sitting down eating our lunch when this girl comes up and is like hi emily! and i say hi back...and then she looks at jaylee and is about to say hi and it looks like she's trying to say something...but she just walks off. seriously funniest moment of my life!! lily, and um lily's friend. we were laughing SO hard. especially because i barely even know the girl, and jay played soccer with her. 

mia#3- sometimes you transfer out of calculus, and you have a free period but you can't go home because you're carless. so you just sit outside reading harry potter. it's normal. :)

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  1. Ha--I definitely have a mia sister. Must run in the fam