Sunday, November 4, 2012

Mia's with Mar.

once upon a not the tv show
me and marley worked all friday night, and were at work the very next morning.
it was just us, and we were seriously acting SO strange.
for example we started singing phantom of the opera- miranda sings version.
we'd like to think it was sleep deprivation, but it probably was just us at our normal state.


we also decided that we were going to preference.
so tonight was the night we asked. well...marley asked.
kind of.

after we had discoverd that her potential hadn't been asked yet i set off to her house where we filled up a bucket of water with little rubber ducks in it. cute right?

we hauled that in the back of the truck along with the little sisters and set off to Carson's house.
as we turned the corner we see that his little brother is just of course outside playing basketball.

so we drive by casually......and then turn around park a block away and set off.
well as we get there the little brother practically spots us as we're making our way up to the door...
and then marley looks up and sees the parents just staring at here...she yells!!
and we haul are little bums..
in the middle of hauling mar's all like "em go ring the door bell!"
and i'm like "NO!"
and marley just kind was like " you have to"
so i pulled on my hood and yelled" you owe me your life!" and i headed back into the danger zone.

then we hauled back into the truck with our hearts beating faster than normal, and our mouths panting like we had just ran a marathon.

are we the biggest mia/fiends/shmee's?



  1. Mia ther-mopo-lis (doin our scales of course)

  2. Wish i was there...
    just listened to starlight and now begin again...oh so beautiful