Thursday, February 16, 2012


So here I am thursday night, already cleaned the car with Emily, planning on hanging out with Benjamin later, and for right now I'm just doing my usual workout. Well, Benjamin texts me and says "I'm on my way ho", so naturally I start to hurry up so that I can finish before he gets here. Well, I'm on my third to last move, lying on the bench and lifting weights into the air. I am seriously in a zone, you have no idea. Music is blasting, and I'm surprised Benjamin isn't here yet. So, while my eyes are closed (which they are for the whole move) I'm thinking how funny it would be if Benjamin walked in and I didn't even notice. Much to my surprise, when I open them for a peek on rep 4, There he is directly between the weights. I screamed and who knows how I didn't drop the weights on my face.

Here is a beautiful illustration of what I saw.

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