Thursday, February 16, 2012

Cleaning Cam-Cam.

How did Connor and Me spend our Thursday afternoon?
cleaning the car...DUH.
obviously it was an adventure..because let's be honest it always is.
we get cleaning away...singing to our favorite songs.
when suddenly,
the music stops.

Me being the optimistic one and all.
Said something like great the cars dead...(with no hesitation i might add)
and of course this incident happens one minute after connor's parents left on their anniversary date

Anyway back to the story.
So we we're like great we need to start the car, because obviously who goes a second without listening to  music while cleaning?
ya, exactly.

so connor puts the car in neutral and starts pushing it towards the truck.
while trying to achieve this he somehow almost pushed to car almost all the way past the truck and into the neighbors yard. So basically he ended up pushing it back to where we started....haha after like a half an hour we finally got the cars lined up.
And i informed connor that we were going to need jumper cables that we could probably find in the back of his trunk. ( which we did thank you very much.)

Well here came the tricky part. And honestly i wish we had a video camera filming us.
because it was time to attach the cables. We had them all on except for one.
Let's just say the last one freaked us out. Because it was sparking, we thought it was normal, but who really knew? We have both never done this before, for all we know we should be dead.
Well after what seems like two weeks of AWW and YOU DO IT.

we finally got it to work.
go us.

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